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Sprindcore com Scam [June] Is it a Possible Scam or Not?

Sprindcore com Scam 2020
Sprindcore com Scam [June] Is it a Possible Scam or Not? -> This article is about a dedicated website that deals with some smart home and kitchen appliances.

People looking for a dedicated website for smart kitchen appliances and other accessories can visit Sprindcore com once. This is one of those many steadfast websites that have already acclaimed popularity.

If you are a newbie and heard the name of the site for the very first time, make sure it is Sprindcore com Scam or not. However, most of the time, a scam website cannot be defined in layman’s eyes. In this situation, you have to read the reviews, testimonials, or comments on the official website and the social sites.

Many websites in the United States do not have a review section, testimonial, or activities on social sites. This is why; one must follow the trusted review sites. Here, in this article, we will reveal the hidden facts of Sprindcore com, which will explain the website’s facts to the buyers. So, read it without skipping.

What is Sprindcore com?

Sprindcore com is a dedicated ecommerce webstore dealing with a kitchen appliance, smart home appliance, and other entertainment accessories. You will get a set of water glasses, led lights, plumbing devices, vacuum cleaner, trampoline, and all other smart home accessories on this website. The seller has gathered a lot of different home products under one roof, and they have a huge stock on their website. 

Specifications of Sprindcore com:

  • Product detail: home and kitchen appliances and devices.
  • Web address:
  • Email address:
  • Office address: Minnesota 56728, United States
  • Contact no.: Not mentioned on the website
  • Shipping time: minimum processing time- 3 to 5 business days
  • Shipping charge: $4.99 for any domestic shipping and 7.99$ for each international shipping.
  • Delivery time: 7 to 14 business days after placing the order
  • Refund/ Return: Return is possible within 30 days from the date of arrival. Seven days for return.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Amex.

What are the chief benefits of Sprindcore com?

  • This website has a huge number of items in their stock.
  • The seller never goes out of stock.
  • Most of the home products are available here.
  • Most of the products are fit to smart homes and the modular kitchen.
  • A lot of devices and appliances are there in the sire that is made of the kids and the teenagers. 
  • The tracking order is available here.
  • They take reasonable time for shipping and delivery.
  • The pieces are reasonable and affordable.
  • Almost all online transaction options are open here.

What are the disadvantages of Sprindcore com?

  • The website has no different segments for different products.
  • Most of the products are scattered and mixed.
  • Contact numbers or the helpline number is missing on the website.
  • The sellers charge different shipping fees for separate delivery addresses.
  • No review section is available on the website. 
  • No cash on the delivery system is available here.

Customer review of the Sprindcore com:

As a new buyer, what you need to look for is Sprindcore com Scam or not. None, but the review section helps you the best. However, the website lacks a dedicated review section. Therefore, it is hard to know what the previous buyers are saying about the sellers.

The second best way to get direct interaction with the buyers is by looking for the website’s social media accounts. The seller has no consideration or official pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter. Therefore, customers have some trust issues with the company.

As per the analytical tools and algorithms, very few people are searching for the website. The site has very low traffic. The result shows the Low Google or Alexa ranking.

The final verdict:

The trust score of the website is 1%. The detected HTTP protocol is not saving for browsing. The identity of the owner of the domain is hidden, and it never is dome in an official (authentic) website. The domain name is linked to other country names; it is one of the chief signs to be a fraudulent website.

The most trusted algorithms fail to find out the actual date of its establishment. As per the reports, all scam sites have a short life. They cannot survive for more than six months. Also, the tools do not detect the dates that are younger than six months.

So, most of the facts and reports indicate that the website is not legit and it is a scam. Therefore, we do not recommend our readers to buy any product from the site.

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  1. We just got scammed by them for 207.00 for a trampoline. We ordered Wednesday and got a thing saying today it was delivered on Junee 22nd 2 days before ordering it. We luckily got our debit card shutdown quick enough we will get our money back but had to cancel our card and get a new card number. Wished we seen this before we ordered from them.

  2. This is a scam website. Purchased a $200 router from this website. They did not deliver anything. This is how they operate. When a buyer dispute a transaction with the financial institurion sends a fake tracking # to the same city of the buyer to show that something was delivered. So any dispute the buyer pursues will be defended saying that this site has delivered something (financial institution cannot get the full address of delivery from UPS due to confidentiality reasons so between the miscommunication between UPS and the banks, the buyer loses). DO NOT FALL FOR THIS> SPRINDCORE.COM is a scam website. I will be reporting this is the website host as well as take it to the feds on this

  3. Same thing here. Ordered a ac on 6-22-20 and the tracking number said item delivered on 6-19-20. And it only weighed 2 lbs. Lmao. Scamming at its best. Now I have to wait on PayPal and battle with them. Next step I guess will be to go to my bank and dispute it

  4. exact scam happened for me hope paypal catches up with this scammer gives paypal a bad reputation for allowing payments to this scammer

  5. Placed an order june 26, 2020. Got order number confirmation with a tracking number. I purchased two window air conditioners. I tracked the tracking number on UPS and it was a 2-pound envelope delivered to an address other than my address. Their website provided a email address under contact us link: sent email on 7/1/20. Using theTracking number provided to me. I learned this item was delivered to another address and is only 2 lbs.  NO RESPONSE. Went to website and found contact us link: Web site reads “Need more information on a specific product, or want an update on your order? Just let us know by filling the contact form below. Our support team always try to reply to all inquiries as fast as we can. It also showed a street adress of 326 S Birch Ave, Hallock, Minnesota 56728, United States. Looked that up o n reverse directory and found address belongs to a floral shop. Growing more suspicious. I did a lookup on WHOIS database and found phone number for Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.6613102107; It rang and rang until it disconnected. Further down I found an admin contact. Tried it. I got a recording that said thank you for calling, to leave a message press 1 to leave a fax press 2 or begin faxing at any time.
    Also found what a person’s name at all but listed as Admin Name: WhoisGuard Protected
    Admin Organization: WhoisGuard, Inc. There is no Street number or address only a PO Box who are the administrator-Admin Street: P.O. Box 0823-03411 Panama, Panama with a phone number of 507.8365503. Legit? Too many inconsistencies for me and no real way to contact a human being. I will be contacting PayPal and getting this charge reversed off my credit card

  6. Going through the same process as the folks above. Sprindcore sends a scam shipped claim to Pay Pal and the credit card company so the issue gets delayed. It seems pretty straightforward that this site is a scam and they would shut down any future processing of orders but they don’t. The site currently appears to still be on line and taking payments.

  7. Sprindcore is a scam! The same thing as above happen to me. Ordered an air conditioner got a tracking # but I never received the unit. Got a receipt #, Invoice ID and merchant details: Nguy Quang Minh. been working with PayPal and UPS and getting nowhere. Also working with credit card co. UPS knows it was not delivered to my address but will not give the address it was delivered to .

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