Website Reviews (August) Is It A Legitimate Offer Or Not? (August) Is It A Legitimate Offer Or Not? >> In this article, you will read about a website that helps remove watermarks from Tiktok Videos and enables download.

Tiktok videos today have gained vast popularity globally. More so in India and Indonesia, Tiktok has transformed into cult status. Every other person is a Tiktok star. And these videos are incredible, ranging from funny to artistic to overwhelming. 

Today we are presenting you with a review of, a website for downloading and storing your favorite Tiktok videos without the watermark.

What is is a reasonably new player in the market and is encashing on the growing popularity of Tiktok. Any content creator of Indonesia and India would always prefer to create videos using the features of Tiktok, but download them as originals without the ugly Tiktok watermark. Here in comes in, a website that removes the Tiktok watermark and allows you to download videos in raw form.

All you have to do is have a stable internet connection with any mobile or computer. The website works with Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows alike. Paste the website address on the address bar, and you are directed to the home page with the conversion link. Upload the Tiktok video link in the space provided and click enter. The video is converted free of the watermark, to MP4 format, and with HD quality. You can download it and store it or share it. beats its competitors not only in Indonesia and India but globally by offering all these services for free. Moreover, there is no hassle of creating an account or no logging in. An app is also available now in Google Play Store.


  • Website type: Online video downloader
  • Video Quality: HD
  • Video Type: MP4
  • App: available in Google Play store
  • Company address: Not provided
  • Contact number: Not provided
  • Email address: Not provided
  • Payment mode: Not needed.

Pros of using

Based on the packages and the reviews following advantages can be ascertained to it:

  • The watermark removal and downloading service is entirely free of charge.
  • No logging in or account creation is required; one can copy-paste on the browser to access the website and its services.
  • The website is very user-friendly and contains guidelines to help know the steps.
  • is now available as an app with Google Store.
  • The service is compatible with Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, PC, and laptop.
  • The website has links that be used for similar download of Likee and Roposo videos as well.

Cons of Using

  • The website was registered on 26.04.2020, i.e., less than six months old.
  • There is no details as to the owners of this website.
  • WHOIS checker shows the website to be registered to an unnamed entity in Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • There are no details regarding email, phone number, or any Contact Me section on the website.
  • Website ends in .io extension.

Is a Scam?

Despite its popularity, there are a few aspects that make us look at with suspicion. 

Firstly, the website is less than six months old and has no customer care or feedback section. You may upload and download personal or video on, but you will not have any idea about data security.

Secondly, the Privacy Policy section of the website is blank. Not a single word is there.

Thirdly, the website is registered to an unnamed entity called “Home” in Kyiv, Ukraine. Such credentials raise doubts about data security.

Lastly, websites ending in peculiar domains like .io are usually fraudulent and should be avoided.

What are Customers Saying? has gained tremendous popularity among the young crowd of India and Indonesia. The features being so readily available has made it a sought-after website in a short time.

The reviews found are mostly positive, and most people of Indonesia and India are pretty excited about

However, there have been few instances where the App version, once downloaded, was reported snooping around personal details like contacts, camera, and even banking apps and e-wallets. These customers have strongly recommended not to use the app version of the website at least. 

Our Verdict is one of the most popular websites available for converting Tiktok videos and is widely used. But we should remember that the website is less than six months old, registered to Ukraine, and has been noted to access e-wallet apps breaking through firewalls.

Based on these facts, we recommend people from Indonesia and India to avoid this website as it may be a scam preying on your private information.

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