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Stack Retro Reviews [April] Is It Scam or Not?

Stack Retro Website Reviews

Stack Retro Reviews [April] Is It Scam or Not? -> In this article, get to know how you can get top trending products online.

Are you looking for multiple products on a single site? Visit Stackretro.

Now you can place your order for multiple products depending upon your necessity in one place. You don’t have to browse through various websites in order to buy the product of your need. Since a wide range of products can be found on a single site if you wish to place your order online.

As per Stack Retro Reviews, the site guarantees the satisfaction of those buying things from it and keeps the word to do so by selling multiple things with assured quality in one place. Satisfied customers, we’re found from all over the world. And it was able to gain the attention of the audience in a short period of time.

If you are looking for things for your day to day life, then this site is the right place as you can place multiple orders of different products on a single click.

The site has currently attracted a lot of customers within the United State, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. People are responding positively after buying products from here.

Read this blog till the end in order to get an in-depth view about this site and understand whether Stack Retro com scam or is it legit.

What is Stackretro?

Stack Retro Com is a website where you can buy products that are trending in the market and also which are mostly used in the day to day life. Depending upon your necessity, you can place your order here from anywhere around the world.

Hottest fashion trends at an unbeatable price, bean bags, coronavirus masks, hair trimmer, and more can be found here. Is Stack retro Legit?

Why is Stackretro Com unique?

A lot of shopping websites can be found nowadays, but this site gives you a solution to place an order on different products of different uses. This site is guaranteeing the satisfaction of its customers by the quality of the product that it sells through them. 

If you wish to walk out in style, the hottest trends in fashion are waiting for you. Change your style of dressing, depending upon the occasion. And best them all by becoming the trendsetter through the hottest collection of clothes available on this site.

By guaranteeing the satisfaction of customers through the wide range of products available on this site at an affordable, Stackretro is marking its existence in the online shopping platform. I know more about the site, including specifications, advantages, and customer reviews.

Details of Stackretro:

  •   Product- Top Trending Products
  •   Email-
  •   Required time for shipping- 24 hrs(all over the world)
  •   Required time for delivery- 2-10 business days (within the US), 7-15days (anywhere outside the US)
  •   Shipping charges- Varies from place to place on orders below $50 (above $50, free shipping)
  •   Return/ exchange of products- 365 days from the day of receiving the order 
  •   Payment method-  Paypal, Credit and debit cards.

Advantages of buying from Stackretro:

  •   The product can be returned within 365 days
  •   You can order any product with 100℅ safety and security 
  •   Product prices are less when compared to other sites 

Disadvantages of buying from Stackretro Com:

  • Shipping charges applicable on products below 50 USD
  • Only online payment available
  • Fewer reviews about the site can be found online

What customers had to say about Stackretro:

Stackretro is creating a huge difference among online shopping platforms since no other website gives a period of return of 365 days. 100% satisfaction of customers is guaranteed by giving them 365 days for returning the product. Depending upon the requirement of an individual the site mainly deals with the top trending products which most of the customers appreciated.

Those who were not satisfied with the product could easily return the it by contacting the number given on the site. 

Final Verdict

Stackretro has recently stepped into an online shopping platform. The site is encrypted with SSL security to maintain 100℅ security in transactions made on the credit card. A period of 365 days for returning the product is something that makes sure that the customer completely satisfied with the product and makes it be unique when compared to other online shopping sites.

We expect that most of your queries about this site have been cleared after reading this. And it is proved that Stackretro com legit.

Customers can be worry-free while placing an order on their website.

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  1. Order was sent out April 15th at 1:20 am. I cannot track shipping or reach anyone at phone number. None of my emails have be answered .

    1. I ordered from stack retro in April, my order was supposed to be shipped out on April 15th. I still have not received my order and I was charged. Contacting attorney general today.

  2. Its a scam. You cant get a hold of them and they dont respond to enail. The order number doesnt show up and never received email with tracking number

    1. I placed an order on April 15th are the ultimate bean bag I also sent three emails tried to phone numbers can’t get on the website never give me a tracking number but talk my hundred and $20 for the two bean bags it’s a big scam they got me it’s sad because the bean bags are super nice and reasonable so now I have to re contact my bank and contact the BBB and inform them scam scam scam never ordered anything from them they can never be reached and you don’t get anything there’s 45 reviews and we all say the same I get screwed I got screwed to scam scam scam

  3. My order#2914 I have not recieved it or my tracking number please refund my money or send my product

    1. Scam!!!! Placed an order now site is down, no info on my order.. Will be contacting my bank and bbb

  4. I placed a order on the 19 of April I never Rey a email about when I would get my Over sized Beanbag I just want to know when Will I get it


    2. So I emailed you already about my order#3939 I have been waiting to long now for my order I would like my order but if you can’t send it refund my money

  5. My beanbag order has not been received yet payment was taken.
    I have emailed company twice and tried to call several times with no response.
    Better Business Bureau is being contacted to assist with resolution if no response is received from company.

  6. Don’t look like stack retro is as legit is everybody wants to think it is I put in an Order April 17th 2020 have yet to receive a tracking number which I paid extra for plus insurance but they received their money I have sent emails I do get a response back saying that I must have bought my product from another store and I have sent emails to four different email addresses and the same person messaged me back from each one and they will not answer a phone you cannot get through to their phone number so as far as stack retro being (legit) I’m going to say it’s the biggest SCAM I’ve ever seen.

  7. I ordered bean bag chair on April 12. They took money out of my account. Got an email saying they sent out my order on April 15. No tracking info is available. Phone numbers are FAKE as well as Email is FAKE. Either givevme my order or money back.

  8. I also ordered the bean bag and never received confirmation about shipping and still haven’t received my bean bag . I have also sent 2 emails and no response can someone contact me in regards to this?

    1. $69 for a bean bag I’m not going to get. That sucks. This page is a lie and that site is a lie.

  9. How can they justify an order when i didnt receive any confirmation of what was ordered? Nothing no tracking number !? They took money out of my account !!!!!!

  10. I will never order from here ever again. COMPLETE SCAM! No package and no response on my emails. Highly pissed. It took me fussing with the delivery company and driver to realize this was all a lie.

  11. I saw an ad on IG for a giant sized bean bag for $69 purchased 2 of them and never received any email confirmation. I tried calling both numbers on their page and the last digit is different, one is out of service and the other says this is a scam.
    I called my bank to report th is and get my money back.
    It’s been over 2 weeks and I still have not received any emails.

  12. When trying to go on the website it states its no longer available. I have emailed them twice with no response. If they arent going to ship out my product i want my money back!!!

  13. I am trying to contact them about delivery of my order-and zero response after 4 emails?
    So l have lost my money!!!!! As a pensioner it is really exacerbating to get scammed!!

  14. I got a tracking number and that’s it I’m still waiting for order confirmation. It’s been 3 weeks since I ordered it. Just a scam

  15. Order 3892 ordered bean bag on 4/15/2020 never received tracking and the website is no longer accessible. Tried to send email and no response. I would like my bean bag or money refunded.

  16. I ordered some weights on the 15th of April and no tracking number, no reply, nothing! $50 for nothing! This website is an absolute scam!!!

  17. LIARS AND THIEVES!!!! Took credit card payment and never shipped. Now their website is down. No phone to call and they don’t answer emails. Faceebook should be responsible for refunding peoples money!

  18. I ordered a large bean bag on April 18th, got a confirmation email that my order was received, they took my payment and that’s it. I understand with the times right now there could be delays, but they need to communicate that. I’ve sent 2 emails with no response. I’m sadly saying they are a scam. There website is down also.

  19. Took my money, like everyone else, NO PRODUCT, NO WAY OF GETTING A HOLD OF ANYONE. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM

  20. I ordered a ultimate bean bag. They charged my credit card and have never sent me the bean bag. I think it’s a scam. I can’t find any thing on them.

  21. Yes! I am reporting them as well! I ordered 04/08 and HAVE YET TO RECEIVE ANYTHING! And can’t contact ANYONE. I’m disputing my charges asap

  22. Lies lies it’s a SCAM 😡😡😡😡. I emailed them regarding my order and request for tracking number no response from this company. I filed a police report and having my bank to dispute the charge. Please do not buy anything from this site

  23. I too have placed an order and no tracking info no product delivered and no return to any of the emails

  24. You will not get it ..the whole thing Is scam I bought 2 I’m currently disputing the purchase with the bank I would advise you do the same

  25. Here are 2 options before I get in contact with the BBB about your business. Either make sure I get my order #1622 or refund my money.

  26. I will hold Facebook as partner in crime for allowing scammers to work off of their app. They must know who is putting ads with them.

  27. I ordered April 17 and I have not received anything. No shipping information, or my bean bag.. out $70.00

  28. same here, ordered bean bag, never received, site no longer available.. truly upset..

  29. I bought a weight set, no tracking number or reply to emails. TOTAL SCAM is also down, no such site.

  30. Seems like I got GOT just like all of you! I despise scammers and worthless individuals. I made a purchase on 4/19, they got my money, I got an email conf and nothing else. No number to reach them and now the website and email are non existent! 🤬

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