Website Reviews Reviews [July] Is This a Legit Website? Reviews [July] Is This a Legit Website Reviews [July] Is This a Legit Website? -> It is an e-commerce website that sells swimming pools to all its buyers and claims to provide them at a cheap cost.

The backyard in our house offers the opportunity to add a beautiful swimming pool in our home. There are a lot of online websites that are coming up with super elegant and fantastic swimming pools, and hence they are offering you the opportunity to pick them for yourself too. 

Amongst them, one such website is, which gives you the chance to buy a swimming pool of your choice. Here, we are discussing the Reviews with the help of this post. 

Slowly and gradually, this website is gaining popularity among people of the United States

If you are about to decide to purchase from this website, then before heading for it, see Is Legit or not. 

What is

The is an online e-commerce company from where you can buy many swimming pools of varied sizes. No matter which frame you want, you will find the swimming pool in a metal frame, prism frame, and ultra frame. 

List down the specifications of 

The specifications of are:

  • Hosted By
  • Contact Number Details: Not mentioned
  • Mailing Address:
  • For sharing a review of the company:
  • Promotion Platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest
  • Return Policy: You can return the product within 90 days
  • Refund Process: It can take up to 7-10 days to refund the amount in your if you are not happy with the product you received
  • Shipping Charges: Free shipping services
  • Country: United States

Can you share all the pros of with us?

The pros of are:

  • Here, you can buy the swimming pool in all sizes, according to your backyard.
  • The company has a refund and return policy. 
  • The web sites accept payment from many payment gateways like Paypal, VISA, American Express, Mastercard, Discover. 
  • The website has a secure https connection.
  • The graphics and the product description on the panel are very accurate, as the company has tried to look authentic from every perspective.

Can you share all the cons of with us?

The cons of stadiumsporting.Club are:

  • The information you will see on About Us is not at all relevant. 
  • The website does not have its mailing address.
  • You will not be able to see the contact details of the owner on the website page. 
  • The website has a very new domain name. 
  • The physical address of the company is missing on the website. 
  • The customer reviews are absent on the panel. 

Do you think is a legit place to buy a swimming pool?

No, we will not recommend the name of for buying the swimming pool. The website has not gained any footfall on its page so far. The possible reason could be its new entrance into the online swimming pool market. 

One thing that looks suspicious to us while going through the website was that it claims to be in this online industry for more than ten years; also, they have not mentioned anything clearly on its website.

The chances are higher than this website can turn out to be a scam in the future as they have not mentioned any physical address of the company. 

What are the customers’ reviews regarding the

You will not see any Reviews on the panel, as the website drives little traffic on its panel, so you can expect that it has zero popularity among people. Customer reviews play an essential role in deciding the future of the company. 

If the company is doing well and giving the authentic product to the customer, then the buyers will admittedly post positive reviews on the panel. Still, if the products are inauthentic, then it will undoubtedly bring downfall to the company very soon. 

It is mandatory for everyone to see Is Legit or not.

Customers always look for the customer-oriented platform that contains well-furnished information on the platform. 

Final Verdict

Here, with the help of this article, we are trying to find the legitimacy of the and going through Reviews, if any present on the website. After checking it from all perspectives, we found that it is not the correct place where you can buy a swimming pool. 

If you have also bought anything from this website, then please share your reviews with us, as it will help people to make a final call.

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  1. I bought a pool from this website yesterday. Hopefully it’s not a scam. After I checked out something popped up saying they would deliver it with in 72hrs. We shall see if it’s legit or not. Will keep you posted.

    1. Do you have an update? If you ordered the pool on July 19th, can you find what date the item was delivered to you? The Contact email has been used for other fraudulent websites, which have shown the delivery date was prior to the date to product was ordered.

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