Starbucks Free Coffee Healthcare (Dec) Pros and Cons!


Starbucks Free Coffee Healthcare (Dec) Pros and Cons! >> In this article, you read about a social initiative run by a retail coffee giant.

If you are a healthcare worker or a first-time responder in the United States, then you are in luck. Starbucks has renewed its Starbucks Free Coffee Healthcare Initiative for a second time for the whole of December 2020. Did you miss it when it ran for the first time? 

Well, now is your second chance! Curious? Well, then read on for more information.

What is Starbucks Free Coffee Initiative?

The Starbucks Free Coffee Healthcare scheme was first started in March 2020. It was run till the end of May 2020 and was a huge hit.Starbucks wanted to stand by people fighting the Coronavirus from the frontline and thus started this noble scheme. If you are a healthcare worker or a first-time responder, then Starbucks would serve you coffee, brewed or cold, for free! You need to walk into a Starbucks outlet and produce your ID.

Where to avail of this offer?

As per Virginia Tenpenny, Vice President of Starbucks Global Social Image, the Starbucks Free Coffee Healthcare initiative runs on all company-owned outlets in the United States.

A few licensed outlets are also under the initiative, the list of which is available on the website.

Who are the lucky ones to avail of the offer?

The Starbucks Free Coffee Healthcare initiative extends to only first-time responders and healthcare workers.

The list includes doctors, nurses, firefighters, mental health workers, pharmacists, and several others.

Other than these, staff like security, janitors, and others employed by hospitals or healthcare institutions are also included. Lastly, police officers and military persons on active duty for the Coronavirus are also served.

How are people responding?

The Starbucks Free Coffee Healthcare initiative has received great applause from all corners. Not just the healthcare sector, but every citizen of the have highly appreciated this coffee giant for their genuinely warm gesture.

The reception has been nothing but positive, and the healthcare workers and first-time responders have publicly thanked Starbucks for their coffee! As a new record, Starbucks had given away to close to two million cups of free coffee when the initiative ran from March to May 2020. They are expecting another record for December 2020.

What do we feel?

There can be no words to express the excellent work that Starbucks has been doing to support coronavirus victims. Earlier, they had donated $100000 to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. 

Starbucks had also made a public promise to bring about gift care packages and gift cards to nearly 50000 first-time responders. And now, the Starbucks Free Coffee Healthcare initiative is like the icing on the cake. 

We feel it is one of the warmest things one could do to show genuine support and care for their people, and Starbucks has done just that. We give three cheers to Starbucks for the care they have shown.

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