Starbucks Gravitas Blend {Oct} A Tasty Coffee Flavour!

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The Starbucks Gravitas Blend became popular due to its taste, and it is in high demand. Read about the iced coffee that is a must this summer.

Gravitas Blend is a registered coffee drink from Starbucks. Starbucks is celebrating its 50 anniversary on 04th October 2021. Would you like to know how many flavours are offered in the Gravitas Blend in Canada and the United States? How does it taste? What is the price of Gravitas Blend? When was it launched? Where is it available? 

Before trying it out, would you like to read customer reviews? So, let us read all the information about Starbucks Gravitas Blend.

What is Gravitas Blend?

Gravitas Blend is available only at Roasteries as the coffee beans are freshly roasted and blended on-site. Once the coffee power is ready, fresh and tasty coffee is made. It is a blend of three rare coffee beans giving you different tastes as you drink it sip-by-sip. It was developed to add a legacy to the bold and assertive coffee drinks from Starbucks.

Available Flavours:

Gravitas Blend comes in two flavours of coffee-based fruity twists. The first one is Passionfruit Pomegranate Espresso Dolce, and the second flavour is Mandarin Espresso Dolce.

In both Starbucks Gravitas Blend flavours, the first layer is fruit puree, and the second layer is sweet cream, followed by the third layer of Starbucks Reserve espresso. Starbucks Reserve espresso is very popular as an individual beverage, and many people love it.

The Passionfruit Pomegranate Espresso Dolce:

In the Passionfruit Pomegranate Espresso Dolce variant, the first layer comprises passionfruit puree, blood orange dash and pomegranate. The second layer of sweet cream is followed by Starbucks Reserve espresso. Ice is blended in all the layers to make it a chilling drink. As you consume the Starbucks Gravitas Blend, you get the taste of fruit puree followed by pomegranate and finally by orange flavour. 

That’s not the end; you get to enjoy the sweet flavour of cream, which gets you ready to enjoy the strong flavour of espresso. Once you end the drink, you feel that it combines tropical smoothie and iced coffee.

The Mandarin Espresso Dolce:

In Mandarin Espresso Dolce, the first layer is made up of tangerine and mandarin. Similar to Passionfruit Pomegranate Espresso Dolce, you get to enjoy the taste of mandarin and tangerine puree, followed by sweet cream and then a strong flavour of espresso.

Price of Starbucks Gravitas Blend:

Gravitas Blend is priced between $6.00 to $8.50.


The customers who had tasted Gravitas Blend stated that the espresso had a strong and bitter flavour. The coffee beans roasted in the last 48 hours tasted better when compared to coffee beans roasted and reserved for more than two weeks. Overall, there are average reviews of Gravitas Blend.


Gravitas Blend was launched before summer on 28th April 2021 with several other boozy beverages to celebrate Starbucks 50th anniversary. It gives you a caffeine boost and keeps you active. It also cools you down in summer with the ice blended in the combination. The presentation of Starbucks Gravitas Blend is very attractive and colourful. 

Do you want to know more about Starbucks anniversary blends ?Let us know which Gravitas Blend flavour is better.

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