Starry for Cash Scam {Jan 2022} Is This A Scam, Read It

Starry for Cash Scam 2021

Starry for Cash Scam  {Jan 2022} Is This A Scam, Read It -> Are you heard of money-making game apps? Then you must read this article.

As all are interested in playing online games simultaneously, if you receive cash on playing, then these games are even more fun and exciting. Pay Pal games are one of them. Play the games and get paid for them through Pay Pal.

Pay Pal games are in huge popularity and are most trending in the United States. Are these games are counterfeit. Let’s discuss Starry For Cash Scam and will provide you with all the details and elements in this writing. 

What are Pay pal Games? 

Pay Pal is the most secure platform to receive payments. There are more than 300 million active Pay Pal payment accounts. And a huge number of gaming apps lounge for people to get a real money that pays the money to your account. There are free apps; download the app and start playing to earn coins. 

The credits you get in terms of coins are exchanged with cash through PayPal. 

Playing for real cash is not easy. Starry Legend is one such money-making app people have come across, and it isn’t very certain to believe its legitimacy.

So if you are looking for such apps and want to find out Starry For Cash Scam Then this, writing is for you.

About Starry Game App:

Starry Legend app looks easy to make money just by playing and winning the coins. You have to crack or burst the colorful bubbles and different shapes of blocks to collect coins. You can lounge the free app, which is available for both Android and IOS.

Starry games look like they offer you money just by playing and winning the levels. And there are more than 50K installers worldwide. No need to register; just start playing the game. If you see more than one coloured bubble, just burst it and remove them from the group. 

Are people making money from Starry Legend? 

Starry For Cash Scam article will give you the right information about this app. The starry app is just a game app, and you won’t receive money from it. It is an addictive game, so many people keep playing it; the only currency you get is the coins, not the cash, and it will not get deposited into your account. 

New bubbles will not drop further; after bursting all the bubbles, you win the level and get the reward in terms of coins. They claim that you can win cash by spinning the lucky wheel. With this feature, you can get five chances to spin every day.

Starry For Cash Scam- Reviews:

People all over the United States give their views and experiences through social platforms. The Starry Game is a scam and is a fraud game; no one got the money till now. While playing this game, there will be a timer, and it claims once it gets over, you will receive the money, but it will not generate any cash. This is a cheating scam and is a waste of time with no way to earn money.

Final Verdict:

After all the Starry for Cash Scam research, we found that Starry Legend is a scam and it is a misleading game, and they prepare you to believe that playing the game will bring you cash. We can say that it is a fun-filled game, but if you are playing to earn money, it is a waste of time.

Have you come across such games? Comment in the comment box.


  1. I’d download the game an my paypal account is working I fell stupid with money just sitting there

  2. I played Starry for cash and i watched 300 ads before the timer was over ,but i put my email where i was supposed to put my PayPal acct.Does anyone know if this Starry for cash game has a customer service number?If so please let me know.thank you. It would be really sad to not get the money i worked for.I read somewhere on the web and have it copied.It is against the law to miss lead someone online that they have won money and not pay them..

  3. I have played starry for cash and claimed the funds since February to date , nothing has been deposited into my account , i felt so stupid coz i watched over 2000 videos thinking I’m going to get money but I later learned we have been scammed. I hereby seek advice on how to lay charges for false advertising.

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