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Statesville Golf Cart Accident {June} In North Carolina!

Read this article in detail to know the exact information regarding Statesville Golf Cart Accident and the police effort in this accident.

Have you heard about the recent Golf cart accident in the United States? Do you know how many people have died due to this accident? Did the police catch anyone? You will get all the answers, so you need to read this article.

Recently we all heard about the accident between a Golf Cart and a Honda car. The golf cart broke into two pieces. After hearing this news, people across America started researching how the Statesville Golf Cart Accident occurred. At the same time, people are also eager to know the role of the police.

Accident of Statesville Golf Cart:

This incident took place on 14th June 2022, Tuesday. Sources had revealed that a honda car came from nowhere and hit the Statesville Golf Cart. Two people, along with a 5 years old child, had died.

Police entered the spot and arrested the Honda car owner, who was drunk then. These are the few pieces of information we learned from the police. If we find further details about this news, we will notify you.

Golf Cart Accident Statesville NC:

In this Golf cart accident with a Honda car, two people died, and four other people who were riding the cart got brutally injured. Police had sent them to the hospital. Some sources said that they are now out of danger.

Injured people were 2, 13, 16, and 26 years old. They were taken to the hospital with the help of a helicopter. Right now, they are admitted to the Charlotte and Winston hospital. We have not found any new updates regarding the victim’s health. 

Statesville Golf Cart Accident:

As we all discussed earlier how this accident took place, we all need to know about the driver who was responsible for this accident. Police had informed the police that a Honda car came straight and hit the golf cart. At that time, the cart was heading in the opposite direction.

Harmon was the driver, and he is only 23 years old, and he is now in police custody, preparing for a trial session that is going to be held soon. This trial will be going on by video conferencing as per the police sources we came to know. These are a few details about the Golf Cart Accident Statesville NC.

Why are people searching for this Golf Cart Accident?

This topic has become a trend now. Everyone in America started to search for this incident, to know about the victims who had been hospitalized, and to know updates on Honda drivers.

Note: This information has been taken from the web, and no false information has been provided from our end.


A golf cart accident took place in North Carolina on 14th June 2022 Tuesday. A Honda car hit the cart, where two people lost their lives, and four people were injured. Police took the Honda driver into custody, and the trial will be started by video conference. 

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