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If you do not want to wait to complete the quest in Genshin but want to know all about the Stove God Genshin, read this article until the end.

Genshin Impact is a role-playing action game developed by miHoYo. Did you know that it was launched on 28/Sep/2021in the Philippines, Indonesia, and the United States? It is a cross-platform and multiplayer game. The Moonchase Festival has been a much-awaited event since the beginning of September 2021, as players wanted to explore the town of Liyue. MOONCHASE FESTIVAL will continue till 11/Oct/2021.

So, let us read about Stove God Genshin in detail below.

The plot of Stove God

In LEGEND OF THE GEO ARCHON, you will find Stove God. The people who settled in Liyue built stoves and lit them with the help of rocks. Thus, they came to know how the fire would comfort their life and help in cooking. They believed STOVE GOD had blessed them with rocks and fire from which will last till the end of the world. They believed that cities and restaurants would flourish forever.

The Stove God was a friend of Madame Ping. The Stove God Genshin disappeared from the world, and stones found in the quest of Moonlight Merriment are the lost statues of Stone God. Some people believe that Stone God is another name given to Morax (or) Guoba. The Stove God Festival is celebrated as a tribute to Stove God. The Stove God first appeared in the Guili Assembly and met ordinary people to teach them the art of creating fire from stones.

This time Festival tries to show how Stone God met Xiangling and also information about the ADORABLE BEAR. The leaked scenes of Moonchase Festival show Stove God Genshin, new and old characters coming to the spotlight. 

The leaked scenes also show information about Guoba and his story. It is said that Stove God had to transfer his powers to a tree to save the people of Liyue and Liyue itself. As his powers in the tree increased, Guoba reduced in size. Guoba continued giving his powers to the tree until the calamities in the town were unbearable. Finally, with a low amount of powers, he got transformed into an adorable bear showcased in Genshin Impact.

Reincarnation of Stove God Genshin:

The adorable bear REINCARNATES as Stove God again. But, he had lost his memory. He meets Xiangling, who gives him delicious food. Guoba, due to his love for humanity, started protecting Xiangling and has followed her since then.

Geo Travel Diary is a commission that gets repeated daily. It happens at the Yiyan Temple. The Plants and Ingredients, God of the Stove, God of History, and God of Wealth are given to Musheng, and you need to speak to Musheng. Once you listen to Musheng stories, you will receive one of the four items from LEGEND OF THE GEO ARCHON.


The story of Stove God Genshin is excellent entertainment with many unpredictable events. The fans are eager to see the story of the adorable bear in the Moonchase Festival event. The festival started on 28/Sep/2021 at 4:00 AM EST, and it will continue till 11/Oct/2021. It would help if you reached the adventure 28th rank. 

Did you complete Archon Quest to view the story? Let us know your views on Stove God.

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