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Stratton Medical Supply Reviews (May) Scam or Legit?

Stratton Medical Supply Reviews 2020

Stratton Medical Supply Reviews (May) Scam or Legit? >> The article includes information, pros and cons, and exchange and returns policy of the Stratton Medical Supply.

Web-based shopping is always an advantage for the clients, yet there are barely any malignant sites accessible over the web that are hampering the picture of the online shops. A few purchasers need to buy on the internet, yet because of falsification and trick, they delay to trust and to purchase things from the online shop. 

Be that as it may, there are a few web-based business sites accessible who are granting purchasers and recognizing with tips and data. In this article, we will examine Stratton Medical Supply Reviews, which sells numerous items like surgical masks and medical products. 

It is fundamental to know the insights regarding the vender, and if you found no data about the purchasers, at that point, you should stay away from those sites. The shopper regularly effectively falls into the snare of bogus dealers; the explanation might be because of the phony guarantees. 

It is additionally fundamental to make mindful others about the malevolent site and guidance others about the site. The general population regularly neglects to check and distinguish the site, and there are a few cases found in the United State, and a few different nations.

What is Stratton Medical Supply?

Stratton Medical Supply is a website that supplies surgical mask which is FDA approved. From the site, we found that there several Stratton Medical Supply Reviews provided by the customers. The company is new, and they also sell N95 masks. 

The main feature of the mask is it is splash resistant, three-ply disposal mask, the outer layer is of dark color, and the interior color is of light color. It consists of a three-layer that is a layer of spun-bonded polypropylene and melts polypropylene. The mask can be reused and can be wash with cold water.

The product is made up of non-woven, which works as an excellent barrier to hold germs and filter air. The price range is low, and according to the owner, their main objective is to co-ordinate with the community to help them by supplying masks at a low cost.

During our research, we found a series of mixed reviews from the customer’s side. But most numbers of customers have given positive Stratton Medical Supply Reviews. According to the customers, the website is genuine, and they received the product within 4-5 days. Few customers who all are unsure about the website, they contact the owner and receive satisfactorily reply.


  • Contact Number: 877 219-6275
  • Email Id:
  • Address: 910 Striker Ave. Sacramento CA 95834

Pros and Cons Stratton Medical Supply

  • Medical products like surgical masks and N95 masks are available at a low cost.
  • The mask is made with the care it consists of three-layer of protection.
  • The material is a non-woven that acts as a barrier for the filtration of germs and other harmful dust.
  • FDA approves the product as the company is added an FDA approved certificate.
  • Some customers received the product within 4-5 days.
  • The contact number is working, and a customer itself confirms it

Cons of Stratton Medical Supply

  • Few consumers believed that this is not a legit website
  • The FDA certificated provided by the website is authenticate or not it is still not clear
  • The site is new, and that may be the reason for not having enough external links.

Exchange and Return Policy

  • The item can be traded inside 30 days of the buy date, and they can uninhibitedly return or trade the items. In any case, the item should be in unique condition at the hour of return g to the 
  • After getting the products from you, you will be informed of the receiving of the item. 
  • But the refund will only proceed after getting clearance from our quality check.
  • The conveyance time may get a delay because of pandemic conditions. 
  • You can also purchase gift cards from the website to gift someone, but that gift card once purchased not be refunded.
  • The site won’t be subject if they give an inappropriate conveyance address


As described earlier in this article, we found a mixed reaction from the buyers. Few of them are still in doubt about the legitimacy of the website. But few buyers have given a thumb up. They received the stratton medical supply Sacramento within 4-5 days. So, we advise our reader to buy the product from this website with special care.


    1. I also emailed them but they have not responded back to my email. I really hope this is not a scam or legit, because I placed an order.

  1. Saw masks on cell phone for $4.95 or you could buy more. Tried calling can’t get an answer. Looked on web site and they are not the same.

  2. I would assume that Stratton Medical Supply is fraudulent. I fell for a similar website call “”, which looked pretty legit after scanning through every page on their site; and now I am trying to get PayPal to reimburse me. The ‘giveaway‘ was signing into my PayPal account & finding the owner’s name written in Chinese. They claimed to be US based & established in 1998, with warehouses in CA & NY, but I can find nothing on the company in any business listings online.

    There are mostly fake mask and PPE websites out there recently, & they’re popping up almost daily. If you haven’t found Stratton on the Better Business Bureau’s website, that’s a clue. Most N-95 masks are just not available unless through known websites; and I’m finding even ‘trusted’ sites have sellers that are price gouging due to the pandemic. Those that aren’t price gouging are sold out all around the country, or reserving their stock for the healthcare industry.

    1. This doesn’t sound like it’s written by someone in the US who speaks fluent English OR who would even be writing such an article. My guess is… scam.

  3. Hi Alexis, My name is Mark from Stratton Medical Supply. Thank you for writing this review! We are a FDA approved supplier of face masks and we have enough for everyone. Thank you so much!

    1. Mark, I ordered 10 days ago, Stratton charged my credit card and have yet to get a response or status of order after 4 attempts. Either really shitty service or a scam.

    2. The masks are KN95. K stands for knock-off. They are not claiming to be 3M N95 masks. Still don’t know if the company is legit though.

  4. I have not tried this supplier but I agree with the comment above. I feel as if this has scam written all over it. I did not try the email address. However if you google the address you will see that the property owner has been trying to lease the property for a number of years. Not sure if its the total building or some of the building. I recently got scammed from another provider through Amazon and I was at least fortunate to get my money back from Amazon. I hope they are legit but too risky for me. Be safe.

  5. I have received 5 masks 2 days ago, waiting time about 1 week. I wore the mask today during shopping. It was just fine, fitted on me well. I checked the mask yesterday, poured water in it and it was holding the water without seeping through. When you wear the mask and breath in and out you feel some resistance, and I did not feel the air escaped from anywhere, which for me was also a sign that the mask was protective. I wish the mask would be somewhat cheaper. After airing, steaming and checking the mask afterwards that the mask stayed intact, I will re-use the mask.

  6. I purchased a box of 50 disposable paper masks from this company in April after seeing them on Nextdoor. I am completely satisfied with order and will but more. Local,(Sacramento), fast delivery. Good quality. Don’t understand the negative reviews.

  7. I received my masks within two weeks. I live in Ohio and ordered on the site showing the California address. I did not receive a confirmation receipt (just a “Thank you for your order”at the end of the transaction) or notification of shipping, so nervous about this being a scam, and very happy to receive my order today.

  8. They are not a scam. I ordered the KN95 Mask and they are wonderful. It didn’t even take a week for me to get them. I will order again. And they did respond to my email when I emailed them. Wonderful service!

  9. I just ordered the 30 pack + 10 free. Tool about an hour but I got my email confirmation. I’m in Gilroy, CA and they’re in Sac so I expect to probably get the shipment next week. I’ll repost when I do.

  10. I’ve got to say, I have some doubts about the authenticity of this article. It does not appear to have been written by a native English speaker.

  11. I looked at their address; it is Northside Church in Sacremento. They have a second address in NY. I would have to conclude they are a scam.

  12. I am asking for a refund before they ship the KN-95 masks to me. They offered “Free shipping” but then after I paid for the order and they sent me the confirmation email, it said shipping price will be calculated. That right there is unethical. I had also asked two other questions of which they cannot bother to answer. Also, KN-95 masks out of China may or may not be as high quality for protection against small virus micron particles compared to the N-95 made in the U.S. At this point, I will not recommend this so-called company.

  13. I was going to file fraud report, cancel my Credit card and fill the Google with many pages of warnings but I see your new post of them being “Wonderful” so will wait. Thanks for the follow up review.

  14. STOP with the thinking Stratton Medical Supply is a scam. . I placed my order on MAY 11th and it shipped on the 12th. I was emailed a Thank You for placing my order with a tracking number. It arrived and was as advertised. I am completely 100% satisfied. I will place further orders with thie company in the future…. Carl Diaz Greenville SC ….

  15. I ordered five masks and received four. I sent an email that they have not responded to. Masks are minimal quality also.

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