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Stream Dungeons NFT {Aug 2021} Game Zone Information!

This article will detail you about play to earn NFT game and one of the popular games, Stream Dungeons NFT, based on this concept.

Do you like the role-playing game? Have you heard of the new Spanish NFT game with character creation? If not, then this article is for you, where you will get to know about pre-sale, objects, and functionalities.

With the launch of NFT games, players have taken up more critical role-playing games and received rewards. Nowadays, Blockchain technology-based games make it more mesmerize and attract users. We will talk about one such game getting popularity in SpainStream Dungeons NFT. But first, let us see what play to earn NFT game is?

Understanding what is play to earn NFT game?

When something is non-fungible, it has a unique value and cannot be exchanged with items of the same value. Therefore, non-fungible tokens are unique digital tokens; if the token is rare, then you can earn more money out of it.

NFT allows video game developers to make characters, items that players can purchase, trade with the third-party marketplace through cryptocurrency, and unlock new rewards. In short, it is also known as play-to-earn games. In addition, you can exchange rewards with fiat currencies and can spend them in real life.

What is Stream Dungeons NFT?

It is a blockchain-based rpg game where you can get items to create a character and upgrade it. In addition, you can perform more difficult dungeons and get better rewards in return for playing the game. Moreover, you can run it on the supported network that includes Binance Smart Chain.


Here you will get various in-game functionalities; let us look at some of them:

Creating and upgrading characters:

You can create your character by choosing from Templar, wizard, Assassin, brave, sorcerer, alchemist. These characters have the same stats and will be able to go up level to improve power.

Items: create, forge, craft:

In Stream Dungeons NFT, you can create items in the blacksmith for a certain amount of STD Tokens (Streamdungeons Digital Tokens). Each item is unique, and it will have up to five rarities: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary; the higher the rarity, the better item’s stats.  Additionally, you can forge items to increase stats, and in return, you will get STD tokens.

Fighting in Dungeons:

Each dungeon consists of 3 enemies: creepy form, malicious parasite, and duke betford; to access these, you have to spend energy that recharges over time. Also, while fighting in Dungeons, you can earn other types of tokens.

When is pre-sale in Stream Dungeons NFT?

Pre-sale is active on Thursday, August 26th, for everyone, where you can get the first items and guild creations

  1. Loguearte con Metamask
  2. Create a character
  3. Access the pre-sale

What is STD Token?

The Streamdungeons Digital Token (STD Token) is a non-refundable functional utility token that is the main currency of the game using which you can trade, exchange, forge your items. The purpose of introducing the STD token is to provide a secure and convenient method of payment.  Official Contract address: 0x6651418dd262ba5a3ed4c785e490d10dad657f7d


Well, NFT games are not that difficult to play. Players have fun while playing and can earn rewards, as in the case of Stream Dungeons NFT, where you are rewarded for playing. It is intended to be free to play; however, STD tokens are used to boost the economy of the game. In addition, you can show your friends how strong your character is.

Know about pre-sale in Stream Dungeons NFT please click 

Isn’t it worth playing Streamdungeons game? What you thought about this game; please comment below and let us know.

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