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Streetwear.icu Reviews [June] Is It A Scam or Legit?

Streetwear.icu Reviews [June] Is It A Scam or Legit? >> In this article, you will read about an online website that sells various bicycles at massive discounts.

How many of you prefer bicycles for evening exercise or morning routine? 

Streetwear.icu is a one-stop solution if you are struggling about which bicycle to buy.

If you are a fitness freak, then you would love bicycles, other automobiles such as cars and two-wheelers are indeed crafted to help you commute fast, but there can never be more benefits of using cars and two-wheelers over bicycles.

Currently, this website is getting popular across the United States.

If you are planning to buy a bicycle for yourself, then you must read Streetwear.icu Reviews as we have covered all the pros, cons, and other benefits of an online store that sells bicycles.

What is streetwear.icu?

Streetwear.icu is an international online store that sells Schwinn bicycles.

It holds an extensive variety of Road bicycles, Mountain bicycles, Cruisers, Hybrids, Commuters, Electric bicycle & bicycle that can be useful for kids.

The very first, which keeps a customer attached, is these varieties; after that, it’s pricing. One would not believe that these bicycles are listed at massive discounts. 

You can shop from the widest variety of bicycles at an affordable price from this site.

Is this website worth your money?

We found that this site is too new to be relied upon when we started researching this website over the internet. 

Apart from this, the massive discounts listed on a variety of bicycles also indicate that it is just a trap to loot your hard-earned money. The address available on the website is not genuine, and we cannot say anything about other contact information, as everything on this website seems fake.

We suggest you stay alert and read Streetwear.icu Reviews to know if this website is worth it or not.

Specifications : 

  • Product – Variety of bicycles.
  • Website – https://streetwear.icu/
  • Email –  jamesok789@outlook.com
  • Contact – (+1) 213 6968519
  • Address – C1903 G.C. Road Los Angeles California United States
  • Delivery – Not mentioned.
  • Delivery charges – Not mentioned.
  • Return/Exchange – Within 90 days of receipt of the items.
  • Refund – Available.
  • Mode Of Payment – Visa Card, American Express, Master Card, Discover, PayPal.

Is streetwear.icu legit? 

After researching this website, we have concluded that this website is not genuine and is a trap to loot your hard-earned money. 

Although there are many benefits available on the website which is pushing customers to make a purchase, you have to move very cautiously while surfing this website. 

In our opinion, this site is a scam as after making any purchase your complaints are going to be dumped in the bin.

Pros of streetwear.icu : 

  • The most extensive variety of bicycles is available.
  • Bicycles are listed on massive discounts.
  • If not found suitable, you can return the product.
  • Hassle-free exchange.
  • A refund is available.
  • The newsletter subscription is available.
  • Customer email support.
  • Contact information is available.
  • The physical address of the website is available.
  • The social media links are available.
  • Secure Checkout.
  • Safe & secure payment gateway.
  • Transparent policies.

Cons of streetwear.icu : 

  • Email seems to be fake.
  • The physical address, as mentioned on the website, is not genuine.
  • Social media links are fake.
  • It accepts only online payment.
  • Cash on delivery is not available.
  • This website can be a trap.

Customer’s feedback on streetwear.icu : 

The customers who had thought about their fitness relied upon this website and had ordered their bicycle, but the real problem started after delivery. 

Some of the customers got their bicycles very late, but others are still waiting to get their bike delivered. The customers couldn’t also lodge any complaints as there is no such genuine platform where the claims can be heard, So they end up losing their hard-earned money on this website.

Everything on this site seems to be fake or copied from another website, as no one is getting their problems sorted.

Final Verdict 

To conclude, Streetwear.icu Reviews, We can only see that this website has the widest variety of bicycles that are too low prices, or we can say due to pandemic the bikes available at massive discounts.

We can only say that one should consider pricing the product. Still, other details such as after-sales service, contact & address of the website should also be found before relying entirely on any online site.

We would recommend you to read our review and other information available about this website over the internet before buying from this website.

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  1. Currently in a battle with PayPal to get a refund. The company posted at tracking number to PayPal which was mailed using USPS. The package was showing as “delivered” a few days later. After contacting USPS I was told that a very small box (no way it could be a bicycle) was scanned and it was not my name or address written on the box! WHAT A SCAM!!!!! PayPal will not confirm with me that the seller has even responded to their messages. Also found that this company continues to change their website name slightly to continue scamming other buyers.

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