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In this post on Studynana. com we have informed our readers about the legitimacy and feature of this site.

Have you ever done any online courses and programs? Youth is searching for online courses because online mode saves time, and you can quickly learn faster than offline classes. A website in India is getting popular among youth as it claims to provide students management courses and business programs. 

Studynana. com is widely searched on the internet these days. Let us inform you with important questions like its legitimacy and how this site functions. Kindly read this post to learn more details about this site.


According to this website, it promises its users to provide the best management courses and business MBA Programs to students as their future depends on the education they receive from any platform. This site also helps to give you admission to University College London. The Studynama website provides notes and study material for up to 9th class students. Because of their similar names, people got confused between the Studynama website and Studynana. com website. 

Is the Studynana website genuine?

This website is not on any social media platform. Studynana claims to provide online courses and programs. Let’s find out some essential details about this site’s legitimacy.

  • Registrar: Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology Co., Ltd
  • Website registration: This site registered on August 15, 2022
  • Trust Index: The trust index of this site is 1% which is very poor.
  • Missing information: This site is missing from the online platform.
  • Data security: This site provides an Https link for the users’ data security.

According to the information provided above, this website does not appear to be trustworthy. As a result, using it is fraught with danger.

Features of Studynana. com 

This website’s display is divided into three sections one is for Management courses, second is for University College London, and the third is for Business MBA Programs. When one clicks on any of the sections, this website opens up with another link that does not seem relevant to us. 

This site is not available on social media. Hence we strictly warn our readers to check twice before making any payment.

Can we rely on Studynana website

 The About section of the official website is missing, and other important information like email and phone number for any queries are missing. All these things are raising questions on its legitimacy. The trust index of Studynana. com is very poor. We do not recommend anyone to rely on this site. This site may scam you in future.


 Wrapping up this write-up we have informed our readers about this site’s legitimacy. We have also provided the essential details about this website which help our readers to know its features. This website is untrustworthy and probably a fraud website, don’t fall in its trap.

You can check out this link for more details about online learning

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