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Style Valley Bicycle Reviews [June] Is It Legit or Hoax!

Style Valley Bicycle Reviews [Jun] Is It Legit or Hoax!

Style Valley Bicycle Reviews [June] Is It Legit or Hoax! >>.. read the full article if you want to know the quality of bicycles and also the legitimacy of this website.

Are you also looking for online stores from India to shop a bicycle for you or your children and do not want to go out to an offline store during this Covid-19 outbreak and want a home delivery on your order? Today we will share every single detail about this website, Style Velly and make sure you get the right details about the quality of bicycles and the legitimacy of this website.

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What is Style Velly?

Style valley is an online website that sells bicycles like foldable bicycles, electronic bicycles, lightweight bicycles, and many more. This website holds a domain age of 16 days, as this website was made on 31 May 2021. We tried to get social media pages based on this website, but there is no social media presence. This website provides 30 days replacement policy on all orders.

If you are looking for Is Style Valley Bicycle Legit, then read out the full article.

Specifications of Style Velly:

Url for the website is:

  • Type of website: online shopping website selling all types of bicycles.
  • Shipping charges will be free of cost on orders above Rs. 1999.
  • The estimated delivery time is within seven days of ordering.
  • The processing time is not mentioned anywhere on the website.
  • orders can be cancelled before the cut off time of the slots
  • The domain age held by this website is 16 days till now.
  • the mail address provided by the company is
  • The company’s payment methods are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Maestro, PayPal.

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Pros of using Style Velly:

  • You can claim great deals on all types of bicycles selling here.
  • This website offers a 30-day replacement policy.
  • You can get free delivery on all orders above Rs.1999.

Cons of using Style Velly:

  • This website is very young as it is only a 16 days old website.
  • The trust score obtained by this website on a trusted website is only 6%
  • The website provides the latest bicycles at such a price that nobody would believe 
  • There were no reviews that could be found based on Style Valley Bicycle Reviews by any customers.

Is this website legit?

People try to buy those products that are good in quality and are durable at affordable prices as they want to value their money, but these new websites scam people by providing them with cheap quality products so here are some points about this website that will help you make your decision:

  • The domain of this website was created on 31 May 2021, which makes it a 16 days old website.
  • This website could not be found on any social media pages like Facebook and Instagram.
  • We could not get any customer reviews or feedbacks based on Style Valley Bicycle Reviews.
  • The prices offered by this website on their bicycles are unbelievable and cannot be true.
  • This website obtained a trust score of only 6% on a trusted website.
  • The owner of the company has hidden his details which is also a negative sign.

So as we go through all these points, we think that this website could be a scam as it is only a 16 days old website and the website is offering the latest bicycles at very low prices. So we recommend you not to make any purchase from this website, or you will most likely lose your money. You can check this link to find out how this trust score works– . 

What are the Style Valley Bicycle Reviews by previous customers?

You can check if a website is legit or not by looking at its customer reviews and feedbacks from previous customers, but after searching for a while, we could not find any reviews by any customers at any website, which makes us sure about our decision that this website is more likely a scam and you should not shop from here.


So based on our research made on Style Valley Bicycle Reviews, we conclude this website as a scam and won’t recommend using it.

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