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Super Monkey Mania Ball Banana {Sep} Get New Update Here

Gaming Tips Super Monkey Mania Ball Banana

Do you want to know the Super Monkey Mania Ball Banana release date? Read this post and know the details, and get ready to have fun.

Super monkey ball is one of the popular series of arcade video games that was developed by Amusement Vision and later published by Sega. It was first introduced in 2001, and later on, many sequels were released Worldwide

Recently, Super monkey ball has announced the release of a new series on their 20th anniversary. The release date is 5 October 2021 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox series, and many more. However, the Super Monkey Mania Ball Banana game will be released soon.

Let us find more!

About Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

It is an upcoming gaming platform for super monkey ballplayers. It is an enhanced version of the three console chances in the game. It will be released by 5 October 2021 Worldwide. However, for the Japan and Asia player and also for non-Xbox users, the game will be released by 7 October 2021.  

The developer of this new game is Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio which is published by Sega. The basic gene is a party game that allows players to have fun. Additionally, Super Monkey Mania Ball Banana will be released for different platforms like Windows, playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Xbox series X/s. Also, it is available for both single and multiplayer. 

Go on the Adventure with Super Monkey ball on Nintendo switch

On Nintendo Switch, the game will be available from 5 October 2021. In the game, players would enjoy the extreme level of adventure that rolls out their ways with fascinating crafted levels, and the gang is there who will try to steal bananas from you. Your primary role in playing Super Monkey Mania Ball Banana is to stop the mad monkey from blowing up the island with the help of your friends (players).

Moreover, you will join the gang of the monkey AiAi team, such as YanYan, Doctor, MeeMee, and more. Just pass on the ways and enjoy the thrill coming to you. To know more, let us find its features. 

Key Features:

  • Get 300+ stages of super monkey ball experience from super monkey ball deluxe, super monkey ball 2, and super monkey ball.
  • Choose 12 fun banana mini-games such as monkey soccer, monkey bowling, and more. 
  • Play or compete with your friends in a banana challenge.
  • Customize your monkey character to have extreme fun.

Super Monkey Mania Ball Banana Facts

  • Game- Super Monkey Ball Mania Banana
  • Developer- Sega
  • Publisher- Sega
  • Release date- 5 October 2021
  • Players- 4
  • Niche- party, arcade, multiplayer, and platformer
  • Game size- 2.9 GB
  • Supported languages- French, English, Italian, German
  • Play modes- Tab/Mobile/TV

Who can play/ System requirements?

  • Processor- 64-bit 
  • Graphics- 512 MB and NVIDIA GeForce 8800
  • Storage- 4GB

The game will be released soon. However, if you want to pre-order it, find the details here.  

The Bottom Line

So, are you ready to play this game? The game is about enjoying a thrilling experience as it includes more than 300 crafted levels as single and multiplayer. 

Are you going to join this new venture of Super Monkey Mania Ball BananaIf yes, so don’t forget to share your excitement with us. 

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