Surat Pernyataan Integritas Data {June} Know About It!

Surat Pernyataan Integritas Data 2021

Surat Pernyataan Integritas Data {June} Know About It!>> Are you a company employee? Are you in search of Data Integrity? Then read this full article.

Maintaining and ensuring the integrity of data is very important and is the essential information or asset of the company. Data is helpful in many ways and is helpful to boost company revenue. The success of the company is based on the quality of data integrity. 

Data integrity is the consistency and accuracy of data stored in the company’s database. Surat Pernyataan Integritas Data article will explain to you what it is and why this news is all over Indonesia. 

Why Is Data Integrity Is Important?

Data integrity is more important, as today’s business is based on data quality, depends on technology. Once the company fails to generate a good data source, it is hard to stand in the market. Data Integrity helps to ensure recoverability, traceability and connectivity. Accurate data increases the stability and performance of the company while proves maintainability. 

Integrity Indonesia is a website established by Edouard Helfand in 2001, developed into a regional player with offices in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Website moto is prevention, detection and investigation of risk associated with the company providing Work From Home policies. 

Surat Pernyataan Integritas Data:

Integrity website provides tips on maintaining your company’s data security while under Work From Home(WFH) policy. Because of Covid-19, many companies are forced to apply WFH policies for their employees. Data security has become a new challenge under such a situation. 

There are new key concepts to follow, and the site will provide you all the guidelines to protect your confidential data. The main keys are Integrity, confidentiality and availability. 

Confidentiality is about the protection of data from unauthorized parties. Surat Pernyataan Integritas Data(Integrity) means protection of data that unauthorized parties are modifying. Availability means how to ensure data for authorized parties.     

Risk Factors Associated With Data Security:

There are many risk factors like phishing. Phishing is a method of scam business. Here the scammers would cheat recipients by creating fake websites, malware, emails and ask them their personal data information such as username, addresses, passwords, credit card details. 

Examples like phishing employees can recieve a message or an email, which contains a link to click to purchase products at affordable prices. After clicking on the link, a scammer can receive all recipients’ personal details by hacking their system. 

Surat Pernyataan Integritas Data, Confidentiality risk is when companies allow their employees to use their personal laptops by connecting them to the company’s server. While working from home, they have to copy the data from the company’s server to their laptops, leading to data risk. 

How The Site Integrity Helpful:

The site provides employees to use Prisma Screening Application, in which all reports for clients are made in the application and no need to type in Word Document installed on local computers. The site also provides encrypted laptops to employees by which data is safe and secure. There is an HR information system that prevents transit information through emails. Here is the link to connect:

Final Verdict:

After discussing Surat Pernyataan Integritas Data, we found that data integrity is more important for companies today. We have provided all the required information in this article. Do you have anything to share about Data Integrity? Do mention in the comment box.

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