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Surprise.com review {July 2022} Is It A Legit Webite?

This article on Surprise.com review will provide you with information to check the website’s legitimacy.

How will you react if you get a surprise box? Or have you ever heard of Surprise.com? You will know that in this post. Not a single person from Worldwide hates surprises. Surprise.com is a website where you can earn a surprise box by completing quizzes. You can get one after subscribing to the website for $39.99.

Go through this article on Surprise.com review to check the website’s legitimacy before making any payment.

Website reviews on Surprise.com

We did find several reviews and comments about Surprise.com on different platforms. For example, one of the customers claimed that the website charged him $99.99 for three months without his consent and didn’t even refund or respond to his complaint.

The majority of comments suggest that the website is fraudulent and will scam you by charging money from your bank without concerning you. Looking at the customer reviews, one should not fall for this website scam and avoid providing your bank details.

Is Surprise.com Legit?

Surprise.com offers a monthly subscription plan for customers where they can play quizzes and win surprise boxes. The website claims to provide branded items as per the selection of the users before the task. The things in the parcel will be surprising as they don’t disclose what’s inside it.

Specifications of the website

  •   Registrar: The website is registered through GoDaddy.com, LLC.
  •   Website Registration: The website was registered on 20th April 1999. 
  •   Website expiry: The website will expire on 19th April 2023.
  •   Trust Index: The website has scored 86% in the trust index.
  •   Data security: Valid HTTPS secure connection.

 Keep scrolling to know more about the website.

Surprise.com review

One should always check the authenticity before concluding the honesty of the website. Surprise.com is one of the websites that will make you excited to try it for once and check your luck. But, before you try your luck by subscribing to the website, check the customer reviews we have mentioned above.

The website also mentioned fake reviews to make you fall for it. For example, one of the reviews claims that the person has paid just $39.99 and received an iPad. However, the website has enabled HTTPS connection for the safety of users’ data. But that doesn’t answer the question Is Surprise.com Legit or not? Because there are so many frauds, it is challenging to avoid them online.

Final Verdict

Summing up, Surprise.com claims to deliver surprise boxes to your doorstep where you can get expensive branded items for just $39.99. We have also provided all the information and reviews about Surprise.com that might help you conclude the platform’s authenticity. As per our research, the website is a scam and untrustworthy, so do not fall for it.

Check out this link to learn more about Surprise.com website reviews.

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