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Susan Wardrobe Dolls Reviews [Oct] Is it Scam or Legit?

Susan Wardrobe Dolls Reviews [Oct] Is it Scam or Legit? -> This review will give a detailed report on a webstore selling dolls and other items.

Do you buy wardrobe dolls online, for your little one? There are quite a lot of webshops today that sell such dolls. One of them is Susanwardrobe.com, which sells wardrobe dolls and some other items from a few days on the web. We analyzed it in detail and have provided you with Susan Wardrobe Dolls Reviews. That will benefit you by warning you of any scam linked to it, or whether it is a legit site.

The webstore is only a few days old and sells dolls of various colors and styles, and some other products. Before shopping on this lesser-known site, you should first identify its pros and cons that we will discuss here. The webshop is from the United States and sells its products worldwide too. Read more to know every detail about the webshop.

What is Susanwardrobe.com?

The website sells wardrobe dolls and other products like sweaters, shots, socks, and home use products. The products are available at low rates, and the shipping is free in the United States and other countries on orders above $39. The delivery to your doorstep may take 8 to 14 days, and the returns are accepted within 30 days.

The payments can be made on the webshop using PayPal mode of transaction. There is no address available on the website. However, a phone number and email address are available for the buyers to inquire about anything.

Specifications of Susanwardrobe.com

  • Webstore – Online store of wardrobe dolls and other items
  • Country of Webstore – United States
  • Shipping cost – Nil above $39
  • Returns – Accepted within 30 days
  • Mailing Address – Not available
  • Telephone – 877 2534 927
  • Email ID – aranyavxqldih@kokoerp.com
  • Payment mode – PayPal
  • Social media – Facebook

Useful Features of Susanwardrobe.com

  • The webstore has a big catalog of various items.
  • The company accepts the returns.

Useless Features of Susanwardrobe.com

  • The website is only a few days old and is less popular among people.
  • They have not provided any mailing address (maybe to hide their identity)
  • There are no positive Susan Wardrobe Dolls Reviewsavailable on the web.
  • Facebook presence is also meager.

Is the webstore Susanwardrobe.com legit?

We researched the website’s legitimacy that sells wardrobe dolls and found it to be a new webshop that is only 125 days old. There is very little traffic detected for the website, and hence low Alexa ranking. The owners hide their identity and have not given any address for making any contact or verifying their identity. That is a bad sign at their part and shows suspicious nature. Another flaw is the links available with high-risk countries in the set-up of this website. That again makes it a suspicious website.

The webshop has some presence on Facebook but nil presence on any other social media platform. On Facebook too, there are no Susan Wardrobe Dolls Reviews available for anyone to judge their products. However, Facebook has given a one-star rating based on the opinion of nine people. You can hence call it an untrustworthy webshop among the online shoppers and can doubt its legitimacy.

What do People talk about Sussanwardrobe.com?

People talk about a website only when it is well-known among online users, but the case is the opposite. It is a highly unknown website and has nil Susan Wardrobe Dolls Reviews available for the new buyers. There is a meager presence known on social media platforms like Facebook.

There is no feedback available on any leading review website, and hence can be considered a lesser-known webshop among buyers. It is not in demand and has nil customer strength. You cannot trust this website for purchasing anything and can treat it as an unreliable webshop. However, it is on the internet for more than three months but has failed to make any presence among online shoppers. That is a big flaw on its part. 

The Conclusion

We could not find any positive feedback anywhere after a detailed analysis of the webstore selling dolls and other items. Apart from that, the webstore owner has hidden his identity from the customers, and you can treat it as suspicious. There is a lot of information missing on their part, and social media links are also very little. 

We advise the readers to be careful while shopping on this webstore and are requested to shop on other legitimate sites that are fair in their dealings and are transparent in providing their details. 

0 thoughts on “Susan Wardrobe Dolls Reviews [Oct] Is it Scam or Legit?

  1. I ordered 4 dolls at a very good price. On the site it claims they are made n the USA and ship from the USA…but when you pay with PayPal your money goes to a Chinese person. I quickly asked for a refund before the dolls were shipped because I got ripped off once from a Chinese website. They have refunded my money. Wheeew. If it seems to good to be true chances are it is.

  2. I ordered about a month ago and I have still not received a email that it shipped. I should have looked at reviews about this website because I am thinking it is a scam!

  3. I bought 2 of their dolls here, After waiting almost 2 months I got a cheap toy! This thing they sent me in no way , shape or form looked like what I ordered. Its a huge scam. I had contact with a person who could only speak broken English. The company is indeed Chinese as I heard from them also. They offered me 5 percent of the purchase price! Please don’t insult my intelligence! These people are crooks and I’m out 70.00.

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