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Sword Maid Astd (July) About 4 Star Ground Farm Unit!

Sword Maid Astd (July) About 4 Star Ground Farm Unit! >> Read to know more about the character from the game and the character’s features in detail.  

Have you noticed how time flies when you have something engaging and entertaining to do? The primary example of this is when we play online games. Most of us get so engrossed in the game, especially if the storyline and game characters are one of a kind. 

And if we are talking about engaging games, there is no other platform that could serve it as well as Roblox. One of the most sought-after gaming platforms in various countries like the Philippines and the United States, the platform introduces new games every other day.

So, let’s dig into the character of the new trending game on this platform; Sword Maid Astd.

What is All-Star Tower Defense?

ASTD is short for All-Star Tower Defense, a Roblox game with anime characters. It is a popular game because of the anime characters that are part of the game.

The players control the anime characters to fight the enemies. The game has constantly updated the contents to keep the engagement of the players.  Hence the hard work of the creators is a huge part of the reason for its popularity. 

As mentioned already, it is a product of one of the most popular online gaming apps, Roblox. This game is found and accessible via various electronic devices. 

About Sword Maid Astd

One of the characters or avatars to play within the game is Sword Maid. It has an upgrade level of five, and the tower type of this character is ground.  The avatar is a farm unit inspired by Artoria Pendragon, another anime from a novel called Fate/Stay Night. 

If the player wants to have or obtain Sword Maid in the game, they have to go to Hero Summon. The advantage of the character is that it helps the player to get money before the fun begins. 

The character happens to be the most trending among all the other characters in the game. As a result, the Sword Maid Astd became the source for Roblox to win BAFTA games and EE mobile games awards.

Feedback by the Players

According to the people who played the game with this unit, the reviews are excellent. The character is a relatively new addition to the game and is mainly used to make money. Thus, making money in the game makes it similar to other characters named Bellma and the Salesman. 

However, players of the game vote Sword Maid as the best among all the money-making units. According to the reviews, this unit is a little expensive, but it is said that Sword Maid Astd gives money slightly better than the Salesman. 

Watch here, if you are interested in learning about the gameplay for ASTD with Sword Maid

Take Away

In conclusion, it could be seen why this character is well sort after and a fan-favorite among the players. It is one of those characters that are a must-have for the individuals playing this game. The character is easily attainable in the game and is much cheaper than the other two money-making characters.

What is your experience playing with Sword Maid Astd? Would you please comment down below? 

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