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Do you often find yourself lost in a big city unable to navigate to various exciting places? Check out

Bustling towns with all the modern amenities and facilities are a luxury to live in. Today, many of us are not happy with the places we live in, dissatisfied as we are sick of the various ills that plague our cities like pollution, limited access to necessary facilities, those for recreation, and many more things. 

More and more people, especially young ones nowadays, are moving to live in places that offer an abundance of resources for them to enjoy their lives fully. 

However, sometimes it so happens that in the absence of a definite guide to such new places, they get so lost in the environment of the city that they are unable to find places where they desire to go and indulge in recreational activities. is a site that has been operating in the United States. According to Reviewsit has proved to be a boon for people thinking of exploring the city to its fullest.

What is

It is a kind of online directory for all the events and businesses taking place in the city of Tacoma. It provides comprehensive information about the various events taking place, all the current and upcoming happenings of interest in the town. 

The site offers an abundance of articles and photographs about the multiple aspects of the city, written by local authors and photographers. They are duly credited on their piece.

Thus, offers a clear and concise picture of all the essential happenings in the city. It is of great use for anyone interested in discovering the city or thinking of residing here. 

It is a valuable resource, even for the citizens of the city. The site is owned by Bob Luther and is edited by Reba Winstead. 

How does work?

It has a very user-friendly interface whereby you will find no problem in registering on the site. Just fill-up the sign-up form, and your account on the site will be created.

After signing up, you become a member of the site. You can view articles and photographs of various aspects of the place. You can also find information about different departments of the city and recreation spots like parks and programs.

You will also find a section on the local history of the place in the form of a beautiful photo tour. You will find visually appealing photos that will make you fall in love with the city and its past.


  • Website type: An online directory for events and businesses happening in Tacoma.
  • Email: Not mentioned
  • Contact number: 1-888-881-3320

What are people saying about

According to Reviews, this online directory has proven to be very beneficial and advantageous to people all over. All those wishing to settle here or visit this place utilize this site to its fullest and make insightful decisions about their navigation in the city. 

By providing every significant detail regarding events, programs, services, and all the exciting places in one place, the site make it very convenient for users to find their way in and around the city.

People have praised how the site has been a respite for them in the absence of any authentic guidance service that they can rely on.

What makes unique?

Finding sites that practically act as our online guides for making our way into new places is a rare phenomenon. We cannot find many websites that cater to the problems that people face while trying to know more about a city.

It is here that scores well. It not only provides articles and keeps updating its blog about events of interest to various categories of people but also provides them with a beautiful montage of photos that speak volumes about the Tacoma city. Reviews say it is something that every person will refer to for its valuable treasure of data and information.


To conclude, is an authentic source of valuable information about the city that every person is coming here or even those who want to know more about the place should read.

It is updated quite regularly so that people don’t miss out on any detail regarding any event or venue that might prove useful to them.

Using will enhance your experience of the city by making you aware of the right places to spend time and discover those attractions which you might generally overlook otherwise. We would recommend you to check it out as it has something for everyone in it.

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