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Tainlii Reviews (July 2021) Is This Genuine Or Fake?

Tainlii Reviews (July 2021) Is This Genuine Or Fake? >> Read to know more about this website for home products to make a thoughtful decision for your wallet.

The need for more and more is a never-ending tendency in humans. We may have plenty, and yet we seek something new. Hence understanding this need of the customers company’s makes a point to bring forth platforms that are affordable and accessible to people worldwide, especially in the United States. However, as the saying goes, all that shines is not gold; all the internet platforms are not genuine. 

Hence, we made sure to do thorough research on the new shopping platform and do Tainlii Reviews here. So, let’s start with the post.

What is Tainlii?

There is not much information about the website online or on the official webpage. However, from what one can see, the website aims to sell HomeGoods in the United States.

The products are of varying ranges from handmade candlesticks to window panels and cupboards. The products present on the website are affordable for customers with a shipping and return policy. 

Specifications of the Website

The online forum specializes in various handmade products and home appliances.  So, let’s explore the features of this website and seek an answer to Is Tainlii Legit

  • The official website URL is https://www.tainlii.com/.  
  • The forum was created on 13/03/2021, with a short expiration date of 13/03/2022.  
  • The payment mode used by the website is Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, and American Express. 
  • The mail id given on the website is luseritoaneia52@gmail.com. 
  • The contact number of the website is (713)501-9477. 
  • The platform lacks in popularity and reviews both. 
  • The website’s physical address is 13206 Bert Brown rd., Conroe, TX, 77302/ US. 
  • The website has a privacy policy along with the return and shipping of the items.
  • Social media links are given.
  • Newsletter facility is available.
  • Shipping is done within 24 to 48 hours.
  • The product can be returned within 14 days of the purchase.

Advantages for the Customers  

The Tainlii Reviews underlines the advantages for the customers when associating with this website: 

  • There are various home products and appliances. 
  • The items are available for reasonable rates. 

Disadvantages for the Customers

  • The disadvantages outweigh the advantages as there is no mention of the owner of the website. 
  • There are no reviews by the customers who may have associated with the website previously. 
  • The website is poorly designed, and the name on the official webpage is also different than domain name.
  • Some items present on the website lacks product names and descriptions. 

Is Tainlii Legit?

With one look at the website, one could tell why the website is suspicious and lacks legitimacy. However, we still gathered all the points to help the customers understand why we doubt its genuineness. 

  • The domain age of the website is 4 Months 10 Days.
  • The trust score of the website is shallow, 2%.
  • The trust trade score of the website is 48.6 out of 100. This score comes with the tag such as questionable, controversial, and flagged. 
  • The written content on the website shows plagiarism.
  • Another substantial red flag we would mention in this Tainlii Reviews is that the official page of the Tainlii is not original and belongs to Pigafety. 
  • The website’s official address provided could not be cited on the maps and doesn’t show the company’s exact location. 
  • The website lacks social media presence and hence lacks popularity.

Therefore, the points mentioned above will show the customers that the site is questionable in more than one way. Let us elaborate more through the customers’ reviews.

Tainlii Reviews from the Customers

The absence of reviews on official pages of any website speaks of the level of transparency and honesty it is willing to give its customers. That is why most of the well-established platforms have reviews available for the new buyers to go through. 

But, unfortunately, in this case, there are no reviews available. Hence, we were compelled to look for the reviews online, but none were found on the other platforms, and not even on the Trustpilot. 

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The Final Thoughts

To conclude the Tainlii Reviews, we would ask the readers to stay away from this website selling furniture because it looks questionable in many ways. 

The official page itself is shady, and there is no information provided about the establishment and who established this platform. It also lacks reviews and other important information about the products present on the forum. Hence with these reviews, we would say that the website is not worth the time and money of the customers. Are you interested in knowing how to protect yourself from Credit card scams? Read here.

Have you ever been a victim of any online shopping scams? Would you please share your experience in the comment section below?

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