Taiwan Shoots Down Chinese Drones {Sep 2022} Read!

Latest News Taiwan Shoots Down Chinese Drones

To know more about the most trending news on Taiwan Shoots Down Chinese Drones, keep reading this article till the end.

Most of us are aware of the continuing cold disputes between Taiwan and China. Have you heard about the most recent controversy between both countries? Are you curious to find out about it? Since the news is already trending all over the Worldwide thus, we are here to provide you with more details on this news. 

Keep reading to find out the complete details on why Taiwan Shoots Down Chinese Drones. To know why it is all over the internet, read till the end.

About the Incident

Recently, a civilian drone which was unidentified, entered the airspace in the nearby islet, which was situated off the Chinese coast. The first time Taiwan’s military force took such a step after witnessing the rate of increase in such incidents. After the visit to the island by Nancy Pelosi, a speaker in the U.S. House of Representatives, military security was tightened by the government after her surprise visit to the island. 

Why did Taiwan Shoots Down Chinese Drones?

According to various sources, found that the Taiwan military shot down a drone that was unidentified and entered the airspace of Shiyu Island, located in the Taiwan area. The place was claimed to be restricted by the military force after the surprise visit of Nancy Pelosi to the island last month. After that, the decision to set strong military security around the island was taken by the Beijing government, which claims Taiwan to be it’s own and went against the objection of the Taipei Government.

Statement captured on the Incident.

After knowing why Taiwan Shoots Down Chinese Drones now, let’s find out the statement released by various personalities on the Incident.

According to the statement provided by the Defense Ministry of Taiwan, Jinmen, who holds the post of Defense Command Officer within the Taiwan military, stated that the Incident occurred around 12:30 p.m. (Thursday) when an unidentified drone witnessed flying in the airspace of the restricted island. Further, he added to his statement the Taiwan military would keep taking all the necessary steps to restrict such activities, which are exceptionally threatening to security.

Necessary steps in the Incident

Thus, to maintain safety and security, Taiwan Shoots Down Chinese Drones. Similar unidentified drones were spotted flying above the restricted island in mid-August. As per the source, Kinmen stated that two more drones were spotted flying, one above the island of little Kinmen and the other flew above the lion islet. This Incident took place on Saturday and Monday, respectively. 

The drone witnessed flying above the Lion islet was just 30 meters up from the ground, creating a strong suspicion for China. Taiwan’s government released a statement regarding the matter that they are angry with the same kind of Incident over and over again.

The Summary

In the end, Taiwan Shoots Down Chinese Drones to monitor its security and enhance its safety. After consecutive similar activities, Taiwan finally shot down the unidentified drones  on Thursday, found above their region. The security on the islands of Shiyu was increased just after the visit of Nancy Pelosi.

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