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Taki Friday Night Fever {Aug} The Upcoming Game Mod!

Taki Friday Night Fever {Aug} The Upcoming Game Mod! >> Read out here the new FNF Mod Taki and the other six weeks mod in a detailed manner in this page.

Friday night funkin game which is played around by gamers of countries like the Philippines, United States and Brazil

This page will show you all the best details on Taki Friday Night Fever which is recently regarded as popular mod FNF. The FNF mod is the enormous mod available in Friday Funkin Night one can play ever. The mod includes exactly twenty memorable songs categorised in the FNF six weeks. 

The game also shows twelve different characters located in the Fever towns. Dive deep into the detail of this mod below.

About Friday Night Funkin 

Suppose you had never heard about the game Friday night funkin, commonly denoted by the name FNF. It’s the rhythm-based game indie which was created by Ninjamuffin99, new ground users. 

The Taki Friday Night Fever is the latest mod to be made available to users very soon. The main lead in the game is CesarFever in this FNF mod. The CesarFever is the may of the town Fever. His girlfriend name is Tea.

The Fever town is now a place of Fugitives, scumbags, rejects, and criminals. One day Cesar got drunk and stated that anyone who will beat him could never be a president. 

There are a total of six weeks in this FNF in the mod story.

Let’s talk about other mods of FNF!

Updates About Taki Friday Night Fever 

While there is news soaring around about the Taki FNF mod, we did some research on it and saw this is an upcoming mod for the 2nd week. This hasn’t been yet classified on the website, but as soon as the mod receives enough appreciation, it will be featured on the website.

Indeed, Taki can now be played. One can play her role against tricky, Sarvente or Whitty may reveal that they are different from other characters.

Details Of The Six Weeks:

  • Week 1 named as peakek, gamers as a CesarFever the mayor of fevertown and will be participating rap battle contrary to Peake. Taki Friday Night Fever will be seen in the 2nd week.
  • In the 2nd week, Tea Cesar girlfriend and he will have to face an antagonist named Spooky in the 2nd week. The lead antagonist is Taki for the 2nd week 
  • In the third week, Makomelon will be introduced to you. He leads the patch melon across fever Town
  • The fourth week will be about the Bunni Murder. Impy will also be introduced. He is a friend of Hunni who await to continue the rap battle 
  • Fifth week is about dinner time, paper demon and Yukuchi 
  • The sixth week is of Ur Gurl simulator, Mega and flippy


Taki Friday Night Fever is a new mod that will be displayed as a character in the 2nd week of FNF in Fever Town.Get a virtual preview of playable Taki mod 

Are you excited to use the new mod in Friday Funkin Night? Do you love this game? Comment down 

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