talk2 Billy Com (Dec 2020) How does it work?


talk2 Billy Com (Dec 2020) How does it works? >> Do you want to speak with billy? Then, read and enjoy the article below.      

A virtual pet that talks back and speaks whatever you wanted. Sounds fake? Well, to clear your confusion, we are talking about “billy- the talking fish.” It is a virtual website that lets you play and talk with the fish. The website is developed in the United States and is entirely made for entertainment purposes.

Once you click on talk2 Billy Com, you’ll see a website with a red background and a fish’s clipart. The fish is named billy, and on her right side is a text box that says, “make billy speak,” the box has space to write a message which you want billy to speak. 

After writing a statement, you can click on the “send” button. A text written down the billy says, “me = Taylor. Billy is literally in my room. When he speaks, I hear him”. After you click on the “send” button, the page will direct you to the next page, which shows two white boxes and a message. The message says, “billy says: thanks, message received.”

What is Talk2Billy.Com?

talk2 Billy Com is a type of animatronic prop that has a trophy fish mounted on a plaque. When the button is pressed on the plaque, the fish sings or speaks whatever is commanded. 

Joe Pelletttieri first invented big Mouth Billy Bass in 1998, designed it to be affordable enough as a gag gift. It takes only three motors to make billy speak. This different Big Mouth Billy Bass has been reinvented virtually by Tabb Taylor, where he used Arduino to develop the platform to operate this animatronic fish. 

He created the talk2 Billy Com website to get messages that he can hear directly in his bedroom. The notes are sent to raspberry pi via google cloud functions. After that, a python script commands to Arduino, as mentioned earlier.

Specifications of the website

  • You can access the website through .
  • The website has created on December 10th 2020. 
  • It runs from the United States
  • The expiry date of the domain is December 10th 2021.

What’s more? 

The website may seem simple and just for fun, but it has a traffic rank of 17,181,358 in the world. The website has a low trust rating and not complains as of now. The website has daily approx.—Twenty-five daily visitors and51page views minimum. 

The domain is low trustworthy as it was created just five days ago. Mostly new websites are considered a threat to the system. talk2 Billy Com is powered by git webserver, and his entry was last updated on Thursday, 10dec 2020.

The Bottom Line

After getting into the site, we found all information about the site and get to know that it is not working accurately. When we fill in the text and tap on send, then a message appears Thanks, message received. Also, the site is not secured. So, we can’t trust it yet. It is a fun website, and we are suggesting to spam Tabb with messages until he finds fair use of talk2 Billy Com.


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