Tanggal Anniversary Wayzenni (Sep) Anniversary Date!

Tanggal Anniversary Wayzenni

Learn why there is huge searchability on Tanggal Anniversary Wayzenni worldwide from the below post.

Who doesn’t like and love music? It brings colors to our life. There are very popular music bands worldwide that are stapled in the music world and have achieved massive success. Chinese WayV is one such prominent music band that is on the news recently.

We are talking about all the details of the Tanggal Anniversary Wayzenni, a widely researched topic in Indonesia. So if you are a fan of the Boy band, then keep reading the post.

What is WayV?

WayV is a Chinese boy band managed by SM entertainments Label V, sub-label. China-based South Korean boy band group comprises seven great artists, namely Kun (leader), Yangyang, Lucas, Ten, Winwin, Xiaojun, and Hendery, first launched on January 17, 2019. Debuted with the digital extended amazing play “The Vision” and the title track “Regular.”

The team has released three extended plays, one studio album and regularly appeared on Billboard’s world charts. On June 23, 2021, it has released a fresh song for Chinese drama, Falling Into Your Smile “Every time,” as part of the soundtrack.

Tanggal Anniversary Wayzenni Details

People in Indonesia are curious to know when the second anniversary of Wayzenni is and other crucial data; if you are here for the same reason, then keep reading the post.

  • The Indonesian word Tanggal means “Date” in English.
  • The WayV was debuted in 2019 and got massive fame and name in relatively less time.
  • Due to its high fan traction, WayV came up with an official name or a fandom name Wayzenni on September 20, 2019.
  • The first anniversary of which was celebrated on September 20, 2020.
  • Following this, its 2nd anniversary is today, which is on September 20, 2021; so the keyword Tanggal Anniversary Wayzenni is in trend now. 
  • Wayzenni fan followers are excited, sending loads of warm wishes on various social media networks, and congratulate the entire team.
  • Suppose you would like to participate in two years of togetherness with Wayzenni, then go to its official social media handles and message. Also, don’t forget to pin your photos and memories with it.

Some More Information

  • In the initial days of giving WayV a fandom name, Wayzenni has disappointed many fans because fans believe WayV is a part of NCT and making a fandom official name and color will cause separation.
  • Hopefully, our Tanggal Anniversary Wayzenni information and user guide were helpful; now we are moving to the final part of the article.

Closing Thoughts

WayV launched the third extended play Kick back on March 10, 2021. During its promotion members, Lucas and Winwin were absent. On the Gaon Album, this album became the number one album and eventually sold 250,000 copies across South Korea and earned its first certification. 

Are you WayV group’s huge followers? Then who is your favorite artist, and which is your famous play? Would you please share your words with us?

All the details of Tanggal Anniversary Wayzenni is covered in this post. Learn more about the boy band here

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