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Tannertop Reviews {July 2021} Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Tannertop Reviews {July 2021} Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> This is a post regarding an online sports store. It will tell you about whether you should buy anything from here, by discussing various valid points by going through the website.

Do you love baseball and hockey? Do you want to take your game to the next level? Do you want to show the world how fiercely you support your favorite team? Then Tannertop is the perfect place for you.

Tannertop is an online sports store based in the United States. It deals mainly in baseball and hockey products like exclusive team clothing, apart from that it also deals in practice equipment. It also provides luxury liquor for enthusiasts. 

But before going on a shopping spree here, read this post on, Tannertop Reviews.

Overview of Tannertop.com

Tannertop is an online store based in the United States, selling various sports products, ranging from equipment to clothing, etc. the products are listed below:

  • Baseball batting tee with base
  • Baseball infield gloves
  • Baseball swing trainer
  • NHL team exclusive polo tee, hoodies, leggings, etc.
  • Shorts
  • Basketball shoes
  • Hawaiian t-shirts
  • Limited edition liquor

New websites can’t be trusted with our money as they have no proof of their legitimacy. So go through this article to know the answer to the question, Is Tannertop Legit.    

Features of Tannertop 

While surfing the website, these features were observed:

  • Purchase sports equipment from https://www.tannertop.com/.
  • Purchase team exclusive sports attires such as hoodies, leggings, shoes, t-shirts, etc.
  • Purchase limited edition liquor.
  • Contact details: jenkinslexi18@gmail.com.
  • No office address is mentioned on the official website.
  • Social media links on the official website do not work.
  • Shipping and return policy:
  • Processing time is 3-7 days, and shipping time is 7-20 days. 
  • Worldwide shipping takes different charges for different places.
  • Free shipping over 69$.
  • Refund of unused products only within 14 days.
  • Custom-made products not returnable.
  • Return payment processed in several days.
  • No other websites host Tannertop Reviews.
  • Payment through PayPal or credit card.
  • Privacy policy:
  • Personal data such as I.P. address, geographical location, and preferences are taken.
  • Data shared with strategic partners.
  • Policy abides by E.U. laws.
  • Users can delete their data anytime.
  • Data of children not collected.

Positive highlights:

  • Wide variety of sports equipment present.
  • Team exclusive attire such as hoodies, leggings, etc., present.
  • Track my order option available.
  • Proper privacy, shipping, and return policy.

Negative highlights clarifying Is Tannertop Legit:

  • The home page layout of the website is not very good.
  • Social media handles don’t work.
  • No products have any customer reviews.
  • No other websites host any review of the site.
  • The trust rank of the website is very low, i.e., 1%, thus not trustworthy.
  • The website is registered on 06-07-021, which is very new and sceptical.
  • No office address is given on the website.


Tannertop is online since 06-07-2021, which is very new and does not instill trust. Some points are discussed on this topic below:

  • Site functions: Social media links are not working, neither is the website well laid out.
  • Online reviews: No other websites were seen hosting Tannertop Reviews.
  • Trust rank: The website has earned a trust rank of 1%, not trustworthy. 
  • Privacy & security: Privacy policy according to the E.U., but the data is shared with strategic partners.
  • Social networks:  The provided social media links are not working.
  • Design: The website’s homepage is not professionally laid out.

By reading all the points mentioned above, you can easily infer that Tannertop is a new website that can’t be trusted at this stage.


No product reviews by customers are found on the website. Social media handles don’t work. Thus, no reviews are found there. No other websites on the internet are seen hosting any Tannertop Reviews The website’s popularity is shallow. Thus no Alexa rank was found. 

Try Alexa Rank for more information on this topic.

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Final Summary

The website’s trust rank is 1%, with meager traffic, which is a terrible sign. The website is relatively new as it’s registered on 06-07-2021, which further adds to its negatives. Contact details are very sketchy as just an e-mail is provided, with no office address. The social media handles linked on the site are fake. No customer reviews are found on the website. No other websites host Tannertop Reviews.

Thus, we can quickly summarize that Tannertop is a new website that can’t be trusted with our money, as there are no strong fundamentals to rely upon.

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  1. yes tannertop got me also.I ordered a drill powered autolift and got a rinky dink cordless screwdriver with the same sku number as myorder.

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