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Get an insight knowledge regarding Tau Gamma Phi 53rd Anniversary Logo reading this article.

As today is the 4th of October 2021, the Philippines University will celebrate the 53rd anniversary of the Tau Gamma Phi foundation.

Being founded on 4th October 1968, the community will be 53 years old today. The organization was developed to supply proper rules and codes, and conducts to its members. 

The organization does have its Tau Gamma Phi 53rd Anniversary Logo which represents the organization through it. So let’s get an overview of this organization and its logo details down.

What Is Tau Gamma Phi?

The organization is recognized by ‘Triskelions the Grand Fraternity,’ which got established in the Philippines. The members of this community call themselves Triskelion.

They aim at observing the fraternity system, which is devoid of any violence. This ensures the removal of rampant violence, which used to prevail when the university was founded. 

The organization aims to earnestly apply the fraternity codes as a life’s way which remains out of political pressure and influence. Today the community is celebrating Tau Gamma Phi 53rd Anniversary Logo as it was founded this day a few years ago. So let’s have an overview of this organization.


  • Founded: 4th October 1968, fifty-three years ago
  • Type: Economic, social service fraternity 
  • Scope: International 
  • Motto: the organization and its members believe in power reason and not in using force as the reason.
  • Color: black and gold 
  • Cardinal principles: Freewill, Strength and Brotherhood (Fortis, Fraternitas and voluntas)
  • Headquarters: Philippines University, Metro Manila, Quezon City

Details Of Tau Gamma Phi 53rd Anniversary Logo 

We had a lot of YouTube videos stating greetings of the 53rd anniversary of the Tau Gamma Phi foundation. And today is the 53rd anniversary of this community, being 4th October. 

The Logo of the community is Gold over black. The black represents the darkness, and the gold signifies the light.

Gold over the black generally denotes light against the darkness. In addition, the light represents the Triskelion, and the dark represents various difficulties in the member’s life.

This was the short description of Tau Gamma Phi 53rd Anniversary Logo 

Fast Facts of Tau Gamma Phi 

  • The fifty-three-year-old fraternity began in the Philippines University.
  • Further, it expanded itself in various chapters across different countries.
  • The organization got pioneered by the students of the university on 4th Oct 1968
  • The member of the organization is called Triskelion 
  • The organization embodies its mission and ideals of its own 
  • It has its code of conduct and principles 
  • The organization is going to be 53years old, and today, the community will celebrate its 53rd anniversary 


The relevant facts of Tau Gamma Phi organization explain the organization’s aims and Tau Gamma Phi 53rd Anniversary Logo information too.  

Today the organization will be celebrating its 53rd anniversary.

Are you a member of this organization? Are you a Triskelion? Do comment down.

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