Tcl 65s434 Review: Find Out About The Smart TV Here 

Tcl 65s434 review 2020

Tcl 65s434 Review [Nov] Is This a Legit Website?  -> Get to know about the features of a smart Android TV by TCL that has received many reviews online.

Are you planning to buy a smart TV that boasts a host of advanced features? If yes, then continue reading on as we inform you about a smart TV by TCL. 

Today we’re sharing Tcl 65s434 review to help our readers get acquainted with this smart TV’s features. 

Going through the specifications and features of the television will help customers understand how the TCL 65s434 fares against other smart TVs. 

Nowadays, there are countless TV options available. Many popular brands have launched a series of smart TVs online, making it difficult for customers to decide which TV to buy. 

In the United States, many customers are keen to learn about this smart TV by TCL. Continue reading to learn more. 

What is Tcl 65s434? 

It is a smart Android television belong to the S434 series of televisions by the popular Chinese brand Tcl. There are many noteworthy features of this television that makes it a worthwhile purchase. 

The television comes with a massive screen that is 64.5 inches big. It has an in-built Chromecast feature that sets it apart from many other televisions available. With the 4k ultra HD resolution, the TV comes with wireless connection support. 

Today’s TCL 65s434 review specifies multiple other features of the television. Take a look at its many specifications to decide if this TV is what you’re looking for your household. 

Specifications of Tcl 65s434: 

  • The screen of this Tcl TV is 64.5 inches. 
  • The television comes with 3 HDMI inputs. 
  • The smart Android TV features HDR technology. 
  • The TV set is compatible with Google Assistant. 
  • The television weighs around 17.19 kg. 
  • The TV features a Direct LED backlight. 
  • The TV has a 60Hz refresh rate. 
  • The product comes equipped with a gaming mode feature. 
  • The TV features Dolby Digital Plus Audio technology. 

Pros of using Tcl 65s434:

  • The TV is from a popular brand Tcl. 
  • The TV has received numerous great reviews from customers. 
  • The TV boasts plenty of smart features. 
  • The TV is listed on multiple renowned ecommerce stores. 

Cons of using Tcl 65s434:

  • The TV is quite expensive.
  • The TV has received a few bad reviews. 

Is Tcl 65s434 legit or not?

Before you splurge money on a product, it is crucial to be certain of its legitimacy. In this Tcl 65s434 review, we conducted research to find out if the product is legit. Based on our search, we can say for sure that the product is 100% legit and genuine. 

The smart Android TV is from a well-established brand that has been making electronics since 1981. The brand has a strong social media presence, and numerous customers all over the globe use TCL televisions. 

Furthermore, we came across many buyer reviews for the TV, and most of them paint a great picture of the product. 

What are buyers saying about Tcl 65s434? 

In this Tcl 65s434 review, we’re sharing info about the quality of reviews buyers have given to this television to help our readers make an informed buying decision. 

The TCL 65s434 has received many buyer reviews on multiple platforms. We found buyer reviews on forums, blog posts, and social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. 

A majority of the reviews are positive in which customers share that the TV’s performance is excellent. They give good ratings to the TV’s image, and sound quality and other features. Every single positive Tcl 65s434 review, we found showcases that buyers are impressed with the product. 

However, we also found a few negative reviews in which buyers appear dissatisfied with the TV’s performance and its price. It is important to be mindful of the fact that most products receive a slew of mixed reviews. 


TCL’s smart Android television offers a variety of exciting features. With in-built Chromecast, 4K ultra HD resolution, wifi connection support, and many other features, the television claim to offer a truly immersive TV viewing experience. 

We found great reviews, and the product is from a famous electronics brand, TCL. All these factors indicate that the product is worth the splurge. 

The smart TV appears to be ideal for customers who want a feature-rich smart TV. If you own this smart TV from TCL or have an opinion about this Tcl 65s434 review, leave a comment in the comment section below. 

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