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Ted Cruz Tweet Paris (Jan 2021) Why Paris Agreement?

Ted Cruz Tweet Paris (Jan 2021) Why Paris Agreement?>> Is Ted stating a right view, or is he just trying to raise conflicts in the country? Read the article to see what other people have said.  

Ted Cruz Tweet Paris has been criticized by many and also agreed by some. Cruz’s tweet on criticizing President Joe Biden joining the Paris Agreement has caught everybody’s eye including the climate activist, Greta Thunberg.

The Paris Agreement in 2016 was signed by almost 196 countries including United StatesCanadaUnited KingdomGermany and India. The agreement’s main initiative was to ensure that the signing countries help control global warming by taking up initiatives in their respective countries.Read the article to see how Cruz was criticized for the same.

What is Paris Agreement 2016?

Ted Cruz Tweet Paris Agreement was mainly focusing on the agenda of this agreement.In 2016, the Paris Agreement was signed by 196 countries, but currently, it is agreed by only 190 countries. Each country should plan, determine and consistently report on contributions to mitigate global warming.

The goal is to hold the increase in global average temperature below two °C, lower the greenhouse gas emission, and another climate is protecting objectives. This agreement was the world’s very first comprehensive climate agreement. The agreement had faced criticism because many countries were not keeping up with the swear that they took while signing the agreement.

What is Ted Cruz Tweet Paris?

On 21 January 2021, the junior US Senator for Texas tweeted stating that Joe Biden joining the Paris agreement again indicates that he is more interested in the welfare of Paris’s citizens rather than of Pittsburgh.He thinks that joining the agreement will pose a threat to the jobs of people from Pittsburgh. He said that it would only affect the livelihood of people and bring little change to the climate. 

Many criticized his views asking why is he worried when we are trying to protect the environment. Greta Thunberg seems to have replied to Ted’s tweet indirectly. She posted a tweet thanking the government for joining the agreement again.Ted Cruz Tweet Paris was also criticized because of his recent actions supporting Trump’s views on re-elections. People wrote that Ted is doing all this to prove Joe Biden wrong. 

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez slammed his tweet by asking if everyone believes that the Geneva Convention was only for the views of people from Geneva. 

Customer Reviews:

Ted Cruz’s tweet was spread on all platforms and referred to as outrageous. People and other politicians explain that the name of the agreement is Paris not because it is favouring them but only because the agreement was signed in Paris or near Paris, for the matter of fact.People have used foul words and called him stupid for not even understanding this simple thing. They say that his tweet makes no sense at all.

What do you think about his tweet? Is he right at his part, or is he just trying to incite insurrection in the country? Tell us in the comments.

Final Verdict:

Ted Cruz Tweet Paris was all over the Internet-facing criticism from the Americans. Many famous personalities slammed his tweet by giving sensible reasons. People called him stupid for thinking that the Paris Agreement has signed in favour of Paris‘s people.

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