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In this post, we have discussed Black Mafia Family’s boss Terry Flenory, his family and career, and Terry Flenory Net Worth.

Have you heard of Black Mafia? Do you know about Terry Flenory? Would you like to know about his life and net worth? If yes, tune into this post.

Terry Flenory is an American drug trafficker who was shot dead recently. Many people in the United states want to know more about his life and net worth. So, in this post, we will discuss Terry Flenory Net Worth.

About Terry Flenory 

Terry Flenory is among the Black Mafia Family’s co-founders. Big Meech with Terry Flenory created the Black Mafia Family, a fund laundering enterprise. From 1990 through 2005, both were engaged in a variety of illicit activities. He was indeed the Black Mafia’s boss.

In September 2008, Flenory and Black Meech were arrested and sentenced to 30 years imprisonment. But in May 2020, Terry was released to home confinement. Terry Flenory became well known after the release of the documentary Black Mafia Family which premiered on 26 September 2021. Let’s know about Terry Flenory’s family before knowing more about Terry Flenory Net Worth.

About the Family of Terry Flenory 

Terry Flenory was born in the United States on 10 January 1972, in Detroit, Michigan. He was born to Charles Flenory and Lucille Flenory. He was raised in a Christian household and came from a mixed ethnic African heritage. Demetrius Flenory, aka Big Meech, his brother, and Nicole Flenory, his sister, were his siblings growing up.

Terry Flenory is a family man and enjoys spending time with family. Terry appears to have posted several pictures with his relatives on social media based on his Instagram posts. Before knowing more about Black Mafia Family’s owner Terry Flenory Net Worth, let us look at Flenory’s love life and career.

About Terry Flenory Career 

Terry Lee Flenory got his start in the criminal justice system. They engaged in a variety of illicit activities, including drug trafficking, through their organisation Black Mafia Family. Besides that, his brother founded BMF Entertainment, a rock record label. Terry also founded his own company, Southwest Black Magic, when he was released from prison.

About Terry Flenory Love Life 

Terry Flenory is a happily married man. Terry wedded Tonesa Welch, who is his second wife. Tonesa is a business influencer & executive producer for Notorious Queens. 

About Terry Flenory Net Worth

Terry Flenory made a lot of money via unlawful activities. He also owns luxurious houses in the US. Terry Flenory’s net worth is estimated to be between $40 and $50 million USD. 

Terry also has worked with a number of well-known brands. In addition, Flenory has developed his own label, Southwest Black Magic. Terry frequently uses his social media accounts to advertise numerous brand items.


Terry Flenory is a very mysterious person, not much is known about his imprisonment days and why his sentence was reduced. Visit Terry Flenory Instagram Account to know more about Terry Flenory.

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