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Terry Link Shop Reviews [April] – Is It A Legit Website?

Terry Link Shop Reviews [April] – Is It A Legit Website? >> Yes, it is necessary to doubt over the web store before ordering anything. If you want to avoid scams then you must have this habit. Read the post to have proper information about this web store and then think about ordering anything from it.

A regular exercise keeps a man healthy, fit, and increase the immune system. A proper diet helps to maintain the digestive system of the body. A night of good sleep with proper work management always helps to stable the immunity of the body. Today the whole world is going through severe conditions, which can’t be avoided. It is essential to keep our self-clean and maintain hygiene, for that a regular hand wash, a proper diet, and a regular exercise will help to stimulate the body.

You can do a workout at home; if you don’t have any equipment, you can order it now from any online store. Several online stores sell gym equipment and weights, but not all of them are legit. Internet fraud is not new, and millions of people face it. So if you want to purchase online, always be sure about the website before proceeding. 

A website terry link shop is offering a heavy discount on gym equipment and gym weight sets. Lots of youngsters easily trap into the net of fraudsters; they provide offers and discounts, which allow them to scam people easily. There are many related articles about terry link shop reviews available over the internet and customer are confused about the website.

What is terry link shop?

Terry link shop is an online website and an e-commerce company which sells different types of products like gym equipment, kid’s toy, tools, and machine

Terry-link-shop is giving heavy discounts on gym equipment and weights, which is unbelievable. The weights and dumbbell shown in the images f the website are looking for high quality made.

The suspicious point to be noted is that the images of the product used on the website are found in several fake sites. The website twisted the price range of the products, but the photos of most of the products are carried out from other websites. Those websites are also on the radar of suspicious websites, so it is advised to the consumers that they must avoid such types of sites.

The website is also selling products like kitchen tools, drill machines, kid’s playgrounds, mini-excavator, and chicken coop. The price range of the products is kept low and unrealistic; few of the customers reported the website as a scam. Those who place their order through terry link are waiting for their order to come. They are confident that they will not be going to receive any delivery because few of them tried to contact, but no one picks the call.

The website tends to be Chinese and not from the United States, the site is hiding many crucial details like the owner’s details, verified office address, and verified email address. One of the customers reported that after placing the order from terry link, he received the tracking id of the product, which is of any other customer. When they tried to call the delivery service, they told me that the order is already delivered. All these activities make the website a suspicious one.

Features and Benefits (Pros and cons of terry link

Pros of the terry link

  • The websites are offering all the products at a low price; gym sets are readily available at low cost
  • They are offering free shipping; if the customer order the product over $60 they will receive their delivery with free shipping
  • You can return the product If you have received any other or wrong parcel 
  • The exchange of the product can be done within 30 days, you can submit the form on the website mentioning the reason, and you will get a confirmation from the company about the exchange or return.
  • Company is offering a 100% refund, according to the company; the customer will get a complete refund if they are unsatisfied with the product.

Cons of the terry link

  • Several customers reported this website a scam
  • They don’t have any customer base, but those who order the product never received any parcel
  • One man commented that he lost $100 because of the website
  • The website is not working; they don’t use any social media platform
  • Terry link doesn’t have any external link, it is an SSL secured site, but only the website owner will get the benefit of that.
  • The site is suspicious to be one of those Chinese fraud websites that already targeted many customers.


The article is about the terry link shop, we came across a few terry link shop reviews, and all the reviews are negative. We provide our unbiased review upon the website, but it is up to you and your choice.


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