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Testercareer Com Legit Or Scam: Check The Path Details!

Scroll down our article, and you will find and gain information that will help you to know Testercareer Com Legit Or Scam.

Is it true that you are looking for a job? While you have been searching for jobs online, you came to know about Testercareer. Are you planning to search for a review before applying for jobs from this portal?

Job portals have been a trend in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America, where people search for jobs online. Still, recently people have been raising a question about a job portal, and recently a familiar doubt submitted by the applicant is Testercareer Com Legit Or ScamNow follow this article to learn about this job portal in detail.

Factors to know details about Testercareer legit or scam:

As many online portals have been operating over the web, we suggest viewers understand the legitimacy factors for the Testercareer because of the scammer as they are using fake Domains. 

We recommend viewers start following some essential elements that will help them know the website’s behavior. 

  • The domain creation date of Testercareer is new, and it was created on 9th December 2022. It has yet to gain an experience of one month.
  • We do not find single users who have given any reviews about them in the review box.
  • We searched for social media accounts, but unfortunately, accurate details have just been created.
  • The owner has yet to upload a single piece of information about them, which is not a good sign.
  • Correct contact details have yet to be given by the Testercareer Path to make connectivity for the viewers.
  • The trust score of Testercareer is very low. It is about them only getting a score of 14.7 percent.
  • The domain expiry date has yet to be found and will expire on 9th November 2023.

What is Testercareer?

Testercareer is a job portal that has been providing jobs, and at the same time, they also develop software. To gain the rank, they have started attracting web viewers who will apply for jobs. But suddenly, people across the web have been raising doubts and want to know details that help them to know about Testercareer Com Legit Or Scam.

Features of Testercareer:

  • URL Link for testercareer will be 
  • Unfortunately, we need help finding contact details for the tester’s career.
  • We need help finding a single social media account details on their webpage.
  • As this website is new, their policy is complicated, making it difficult for viewers to understand.
  • We have searched for the certification, which has been successfully implemented.
  • Payment details have been found, and viewers can pay for subscriptions through AMEX, GPAY, VISA, etc.
  • The spam score of this portal is 22 out of 100.

Testercareer Com Legit Or Scam will provide PROS and CONS:

PROS of Testercareer:

  • Using this platform, viewers can easily access Testercareer for job searching.
  • Certification like HTTPS and SSL has been implemented on this website. It will provide extra security.
  • The domain of this website has not been blacklisted ever before.

CONS of Testercareer:

  • The popularity of this website is zero.
  • Social media details have yet to be found, which is not a good sign for Testercareer.
  • Owner information has yet to be found in the portal.
  • The spam score is about 22, which is ot a good thing.

Testercareer Path and its Reviews:


Testercareer Path and its Reviews

Testercareer is a newly developed website, and no customer reviews have been registered till now. As social media presence has yet to be found and we have also searched details from popular portals, they also give the viewers red signals. 

They suggest viewers look for other authentic outlets before searching for jobs.

Final Verdict:

Based on the research, this portal is not legit because the trust score of Testercareer is only 14.7 percent, and lots of details still need to be uploaded by the developers of Testercareer. We also searched for the popular portal, and they suggested viewers look for alternative platforms. 

Have you ever trapped on a scam website? Please share your experiences. To get more detail, click here to learn the legitimacy of Testercareer.  

Testercareer Com Legit Or Scam: FAQs

Q.1 what is the trust score of Testercareer?

Only 14.7 percent.

Q.2 Spam score for Testercareer?

22 percent.

Q.3 Domain creation date for testercareer?

9Th November

Q.4 What is the Phishing score of Testercareer?

72 percent.

Q.5 What is the popularity of Testercareer?

O (Zero).

Q.6 What type of Website is Testercareer?

Job search and software portal.

Q.7 Is there any social media account available for testercareer?


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