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Testngo Reviews {Dec 2021} Is This A Legit Business?

Testngo Online Website Reviews

This article helps you know more relevant information about the Testngo Reviews, and whether this site is legit or a scam.

Are you worried about your covid test and you want to fly somewhere? Is the covid test bothering you? You don’t need to worry as Testngo is here to help you out. It is a United Kingdom-based site that provides authorized and proper testing and certificates to help you fly with ease. The outcomes will be given the same day with the papers as well. But there are some controversies regarding the Testngo Reviews. To sort things out and to get more information considering this, continue reading this article.

What is

Testngo is ready to deliver abrupt, effortless, and convenient COVID-19 PCR testing for tension-free travel. They are partnered with the NHS trusted labs, and the results are promising to be valid and immediate.

Their duties are the United Kingdom enrolled employment industry under the signature Testngo, and it functions with planned testing supporters and laboratories. They have been authorized and are permitted to procure PCR lab testing and the mandatory certificates for Fit to Fly and other examinations expected for travel.

To know whether Is Testngo Legit or not, read below the specifications.


  • Website-
  • Creation date- 28th, May 2021, Friday at 12:00 am
  • Availability- Live chat from Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm
  • Email Id- 
  • Category- Travel clinic
  • Address- 160 City Road, Kemp House, EC1V 2NX, London,  United Kingdom
  • Social media handles- Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Payment methods- Amex, JCB, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, PayPal
  • Charges for errors- £30
  • Charges of the test- Not given
  • Contact number- 03301334454
  • Cancellation policy- No cancellation after the visit.
  • Testngo Reviews– positive and negative, both present.
  • Necessities to book a test- passport, flight tickets, personal details, and access to email.
  • Refund policy- No refund policy.

To fulfill your curiosity, we have collected some pros and cons also. Below are the points-


  • Easy to get this done at home.
  • It will help you to travel stress-free.
  • It has a valid HTTPS association. 
  • Any blacklist device doesn’t discover the site.
  • Surveys are pretty favourable.


  • The website is very young. 
  • Strict policies.
  • The trust index is shallow, 7.7 only.  
  • Website rage is also very low.
  • It is poorly designed, and many factors are absent on the official site. 

Is Testngo Legit or Scam?

Whether a website is legit or not, let us discuss some points before making any conclusion.

  • It is a very new and young website (created on 28th May 2021).
  • It has a legal HTTPS connection, but this does not make any website a legit one.
  • The trust index found is just 7.7 out of 100, which is very bad.
  • Website popularity- 1713248, poor.
  • It is a government-approved Covid testing clinic, as per the official website.
  • While looking for Social media, we found significantly fewer details are available, and the Twitter account was suspended
  • Testngo Reviews are found to be both negative and positive.
  • They have rigid refund and cancellation policies.
  • Live Chat option is present for instant query and resolution.
  • Phone and WhatsApp numbers are also present separately.
  • From the reviews, we have found the number and service contact given by the website are active.

The legitimacy factors found are not so good and the trust score and suspended social media link make this portal more scam, but still, we are in doubt as few mentioned positive factors make it a dubious platform. So, for more clarity, let us share some customer reviews in detail.

Testngo Reviews- 

Below are some reviews stated by the customers.

  • One customer stated, “They are unethical as they seized his cash and never mailed the assurance for the 2-day Covid rescue queries.”
  • One said that he was facing an issue while exploring the portal, and all the problems were resolved after thumbing on the “Live Chat” option.
  • One customer also said “Thank you” to Mason and Georgia for answering so quickly.
  • One stated, “It was a terrible test for him. It’s been 3 days, and he hasn’t got his results yet.”

This website seems dubious from the above factors and reviews, so we recommend analyzing all the factors before opting for this website.

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After going through the Testngo Reviews, we can say that reviews are mostly favourable, but we can’t ignore the negative points such as trust score and suspended social media link. After reading the journals of dissatisfied customers, we would advise you to do deep research   before doing anything.

Furthermore, if you want to comment on this, comment here.

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  1. We used Testngo in Norwich via mail. They are SHOCKING! no one ever responds to phones, they do not respond to emails and they haven’t sent the results far beyond the promised 24 hours so we’re about to miss a flight. They should be fined!

    1. Hello Michal! Thank you for sharing your precious remarks here. This will be useful for other readers also. Thank you! Take Care!

  2. Paid for a day 2 test, never turned up, no communication via email,, can’t see live chat option on website, no response to emails,
    Avoid using save money pay a walk in centre local to your home

    1. Hello Stacey! Thank you for expressing your views and sharing your experience here for this particular website. Yes, the other users are also facing the same issue, and your review will be helpful for other readers also. Thank You! Take Care!

  3. I had a problem with this company !! I bought 4 tests. The company sent me the information that I will receive the tests the next day. Shipment did not arrive !! Only by good fortune did I pay via PayPal. PayPal returned the money. No contact by email with company. An icon with a chat symbol is shown on the store page. I started a chat many times. SORRY FOR THE MOMENT, WE CANNOT ANSWER YOU / WRITE AN EMAIL PLEASE. But no one replies to the e-mail !!! There is no phone number on the store’s website and there is no I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hello ~bajk4! Thank you for expressing your review and experience with us. Yes, all the other users are also facing communication problems from this online site. It is pleasant to know that you have used PayPal and have got your money back. Your review will be helpful for other upcoming users also. Thank You! Stay Connected! Take Care!

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