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Do you scour the internet to look for websites that provide access to books? If you do, then let us take a look at 

The site offers a database of educational books that everyone from high school students to college seniors can use. A lot of people are asking is Legit. Does the site help? To answer the questions, we’re diving deep to find out what this site is all about. 

Across the United states, students and professionals are always on a lookout for websites that offer information about educational books without costing an arm and a leg. So, here we’re exploring the various aspects of the website. Continue reading to learn more. 

What is

On the about page, the website shares its vision and aim. It is stated that the website is started by a former college student. The individual wanted to help out students by providing them with a platform where they could share information about the books, give it ratings, etc

The site has a massive collection of books. There are multiple sought-after categories of books listed on the site. The site shares that its mission is to make academic media more accessible and less pricey for students and aspiring professionals. Read on further to find out the answer to various pressing questions about the website, such as is legit

How does work?

On the site, users can search for a book by selecting the category. Whether you’re looking for a web design book or biology book, select the relevant category from the drop-down option. Then, the site directs you to a page with a collection of books marked under that category. 

Select a book of your liking, and you’ll be directed to the respective webpage. On that page, you’ll find plenty of info related to the book as well as the links to Amazon, where you can find the book. 

Who’s it for?

The website appears like an ideal destination for students who’re looking for information about informative and educational books. In today’s time, a majority of the books are available at expensive rates. 

Customer Feedback

We came across a few posts online where users where asking is Legit. On various popular forums, we found the mentioning of the website. A majority of the feedback is from students who thought the site was helpful. 

A lot of posts appear to be from individuals pursuing higher education. They share how the site helps them find out crucial details about an educational book and whether it is the right one for the purpose. 

Final Verdict 

Is Legit? Who is for? These are some of the questions we came across online. In our search, we found that the website is an online database of books for high school and college students. 

The well-maintained website is easy to navigate. Students looking for an online database for books can benefit a great deal. 

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