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The Dos and Don’ts Of Summer E-biking


The Dos and Don’ts Of Summer E-biking: As the heat of summer intensifies, it becomes important to engage in all types of outdoor activities. It is painful to see commuter bikes sit in the garage all day during summer when you should be outside riding to enjoy the fresh air. We understand this could be a lot, given the new set of challenges riding in the sun may pose, especially if you have not been outside in a while.

If you have not been outside in a while, you can take a small stroll around to have a feel of the day before going riding. If you are going to be outside, you have to be ready to deal with the sun, especially since this is the season. So, you must have a plan to take care of yourself and your equipment. Or can we help out?

The sun is good for your skin, though not in excess amounts, so you should be out getting some workout in small doses while it lasts. E-bikes will provide you with the same amount of workouts as a regular bike, so if you are considering switching to an electric bike, the time is now. Before you head out, however, here are some tips for riding your electric bicycle this summer.

Tips For Riding Your E-bike This Summer

  • Early Morning/Late Night Riding

This is one of the best ways to avoid cycling when the sun is shining brightly. Riding early in the morning when you wake up will help you get a good workout that will have you in great spirits for the rest of the day. Better still, you can worry less about the sun hitting with full intensity, especially if you set out very early.

If you decide to ride late in the evening when you get back from your business, you will be enjoying another quality workout because you get to shower and sleep after your exercise. This will have you feeling refreshed when you wake up the next day.

Riding during these hours is a smart way to fit your workout into your day while still having time to go with your schedule and do other things on your list.

  • Use Enough Sunscreen

Your sunscreen is a pretty important tool if you will be riding this summer. Exposing your skin to the sun for too long can cause serious sunburns or even skin cancer. It is therefore important that you take a step towards protecting yourself by having your sunscreen with you at all times to protect yourself as you go riding. Purchase a quality sunscreen cream to apply to your skin before stepping out to ride in the sun. 

Wear an adequate amount for UV protection from the sun’s rays. Apply generously on exposed skin like the back of the neck, arms, and ears. If you will be riding for a very long distance, remember to apply again within about 2 hours. Failure to protect yourself may cause you to stop riding for a long while if accidents occur.

  • Wear A Practical Outfit

To ride through the heat of summer, you have to dress in a manner appropriate for this. Your outfit must be light, breathable material that can aid rapid evaporation of sweat as you ride along. If your trip is going to be long, you should wear an appropriate cycling jersey and shorts that will allow you to have a very comfortable and cool trip.

You can also add essential accessories in places where you can have easy access to them without really disrupting your ride. For example, you could have a headband with good absorbing material on it to help keep dripping sweat away from your face. Or have a pair of sunglasses handy for when you cannot see clearly in full daylight.

  • Have A Hydration Plan

Hydration is an athlete’s dream when there is no water nearby. A lack of water will have you inadequately equipped to continue riding. If you are dehydrated, you should not ride until you get proper hydration and rest. This is why you should have a plan to remain hydrated while you exert on your machine. You should drink before you set out and have more to keep drinking as you ride.

If there is no water supply along your route, then make sure you have enough on you. You could add some drinks that contain electrolytes also since they will fuel your energy. If you have a little appetite before setting out, have some energy bars with you. By the time you ride for a while, you may regain your appetite.

  • Plan For Shade Along Your Route

This is as important as any other tip on this list. You should plan to avoid riding in the sunlight for too long by looking for convenient routes that also lead to your destination. You could choose a route with lots of trees lined up, so you can take advantage when it gets hot and uncomfortable. Riding in the sun for long periods causes dehydration and exhaustion, which could prevent you from reaching your destination or prolong the trip. 

The sun does not have to interfere with your plans at all. You can alternatively find a way to plan around the sun’s movement. Or change your riding plans entirely by riding in the woods there is enough shade to keep cool on a hot summer day. This is important to your safety as well as that of your e-bike battery.

In Conclusion

If you intend to make the most of your riding this summer, you must take the necessary measures to ensure your personal safety and the wear on your equipment. How do you intend to do this if you do not have the best electric bicycle to navigate any terrain? Get a KBO e-bike today with the best battery specs you can find anywhere on the market. 

Check our e-bike specs to know which one will be the best to suit your summer requirements.  Have a summer to remember!

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