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The Falcon Wears Scam {June} Read Full Customer Reviews!

This website review provides a detailed discussion about The Falcon Wears Scam or Legit site and more on its authenticity.

Do you need aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior furniture? The Falcon Wears is the best place to look at your preferred home décor in this situation.

In this review, we will discuss whether The Falcon Wears Scam or legit. In addition, we will discuss everything about the website based in the United States and the products it maintains, as well as further information on the site’s integrity in today’s reviews. Read the whole article down below to learn more.

Legitimacy of The Falcon Wears

  • Creation of Domain Date: The Falcon Wears online shop was registered on the 6th of June, 2022. 
  • Website Age: The website was created just days ago, so the age of the site is only 24 days. 
  • Website Expiry Date: The date of expiration of the domain is 6th June 2023. 
  • Alexa Rank: As the site is new, The Falcon Wears online shop has zero Alexa Rank. In The Falcon Wears Reviews, we will explain this factor further. 
  • Trustworthiness: The online furniture retailer has a trust score of just 2%, which gives the site a red flag. 
  • Country of origin: The Falcon Wears website is currently based in the US, as per the address mentioned on the platform. 
  • Data Safety:  Security of information has been kept by SSL. 
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites: 5/100.
  • Threat Profile: 38/100.
  • Phishing Score: 38/100.
  • Malware Score: 27/100.
  • Spam Score: 10/100.
  • Social relations: The Falcon Wears online shopping platform has not been linked to any social networking platforms. So, the site has zero social relationships or engagement as of this review. 

Brief Check on The Falcon Wears Scam or Legit

The Falcon Wears is an online ecommerce retailer of outdoor and interior furnishings. Rugs, beds, lighting, new arrivals, and more collections are sold on The Falcon Wears. As stated in their “about us” part, The Falcon Wears brand is much more than simply an online store. It is a way to discover one’s inner sophistication. The website seems suspicious as only two categories have products listed under them. Also, the product listing has unbelievable pricing. For example, sofa chairs are priced at $8, which is not reasonable. 

Product Categories

  • Top Picks
  • Rug
  • Outdoor
  • New arrivals
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Bedding

The online site seems suspicious, but we need to further investigate The Falcon Wears Scam or Legit. We must discuss the advantages and disadvantages after going over the qualities. Then, before drawing a judgment, we need to consider actual facts and user feedback. In order to determine validity, we must also take into account several variables.

Features of The Falcon Wears

  • Buy products at: https://www.thefalconwears.com/
  • E-mail address: info@thefalconwears.com
  • Phone Number: +1 (202) 670 3714
  • Address: 906 Isabella St, Waycross, Georgia, USA, Zip Code – 31503. 
  • Owner’s details: The online store has not mentioned the details about the site’s owner. 
  • Social Media Links: No social accounts are linked to The Falcon Wear online website. Also, we tried to find some social accounts relating to the site, but nothing was found. In The Falcon Wears Scam or Legit investigation, this information is very crucial. 
  • Delivery Fee: N/A.
  • Privacy Policy and Terms: Available. 
  • Shipping: The total time required to ship products is 4-7 working days. 
  • Cancellation: N/A. 
  • Return Time: 30 days.
  • Refund: Customer receives their money returned within 10 to 45 days after approval of the refund. 
  • Payment mode: All major credit or debit card payments and PayPal modes of payment are accepted. 

Positive Highlights 

  • Faster shipping of 4-7 days
  • 30 day return time.
  • Major payments accepted.

Negative Highlights 

  • Long refund time of 10-45 days.
  • Cancelation policy not available.
  • Delivery fee not stated. 

Customer Reviews 

Online, there aren’t any The Falcon Wears Reviews to be found. As of the writing of this article, there don’t seem to be any consumer reviews or product assessments, even not on the social media. The website has a low Alexa ranking as well.

We also were unable to find major online reviews or YouTube evaluations. So we can say that the site is suspicious, and users should learn how Credit Card Scams trick people

Final Verdict

The Falcon Review site is not legit. It also has suspicious metrics such as low trustworthiness, zero reviews, no social relation, and a high threat profile. So stay away from it and shop furniture from a reliable store. Also, learn the tricks to prevent PayPal Scams

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