The Marvelous Suspender (Feb 2021) Explore the Facts

The Marvelous Suspender 2021

The Marvelous Suspender (Feb 2021) Explore the Facts >> Want to know about the Chrome extension that may be tracking your passwords? Do give this a read.

Today, you are going to read about The Marvelous Suspender.

Google allows its users to personalize and customize Chrome on their computers by adding extensions. It indeed is an exciting and convenient way of running a web browser. The different kinds of extensions available on Google Chrome are astonishingly interesting. 

Now-day virtual private network extensions are common for people to access websites that their respective countries’ governments restrict. The United States people must understand that some of these extensions come at a cost, and not all provide full privacy and security. 

In today’s article, we shall cover all the valid information about the extension recently suspended from Google’s web store.

What is The Marvelous Suspender?

This is an open-source Google Chrome extension that focuses on automatically suspending previously opened tabs that have not been used for some time. This extension proved to be very useful for the people who try and cut down the memory footprint of Google Chrome due to having old and slow computers or Random-Access Memory (RAM) – limited Chromebooks. 

Due to the web extension’s unique selling proposition of increasing potential speed and efficiency by eliminating unnecessary tabs, many people from the United States and other parts of the world enjoyed its services. 

Why was this Chrome extension suspended?

Ironically, The Marvelous Suspender was recently suspended from Google Chrome’s web store. Although there isn’t any confirmed reason for the extension being arrested, after it was remotely disabled from the users’ devices, the warning stated that the extension might contain malware and prove dangerous. 

It is suspected that these malicious activities began after the extension traded hands in January last year. The new developer’s suspicious behavior began after some changes were made to the application in October. 

On Reddit, the extension is alleged to contain “tracking codes” that can snatch the users’ passwords. Official sources are yet to confirm this allegation. Still, for the time being, Google has explicitly warned its users in a message that is displayed alongside the notification informing people that the extension is disabled. The extension states that the attachment contains malware and may be dangerous. 

Meanwhile, there is what seems to be a branch of the extension of The Marvelous Suspender available on the Google Chrome web store that the United States people can use. 

This is supposedly based on a version before the malware was detected and the tracking changes were made. People are still trying to recover their previous tabs, searching the word “klbibkeccnjlkjkiokjodocebajanakg,” which is the extension’s ID in history, should pull up some pages for recovery. 

Final Verdict:

In today’s article, we have read up on The Marvelous Suspender and have covered all the information available at the moment. People from the United States and other countries need to understand that not every extension can be trusted. We suggest that the privacy practices of the extension must be read carefully before adding it to Chrome.

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  1. Everything in this article seems to be a lie. Some of these things are true about a different extension, “The Great Suspender”. “The Marvellous Suspender” (note: 2 ls) is a fork of that from before the tracking was put in.

  2. This article has false information. You appear to be conflating The Great Suspender and The Marvellous Suspender. The latter is the spin-off. Perhaps both have been suspended in any case but for different reasons. TMS appears to be suspended as a cautionary action whereas TGS was suspended for malware.

  3. The Marvelous suspender was not suspected of malware. The GREAT suspender was. The Marvelous suspender IS the rolled-back version.

  4. Alexis,

    You need to do a word replace and change Marvellous to Great because you’re referring to The Great Suspender. This extension was suspended from Google Chrome. The Marvellous Suspender was created from a clean version before tracking was added. There is nothing wrong with it. Check your facts please and correct this article.

  5. This article is talking about the Marvelous Extender, it’s completely wrong. It’s confusing it with the Great Suspender. The Marvelous Extender is a fork that was never disabled by google. In fact previous users of the Great Suspender SHOULD use the Marvelous Extender, which has never been banned. How do you screw up an article this badly?

  6. I guess you’re talking about The Great Suspender. The Marvelous Suspender came to substitute TGS because of those tracking behaviors.

  7. KINDLY DO NOT WRITE REVIEWS WHEN YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT! Your terminology conflates The GREAT Suspender (which turned into malware) with the new fork of it called The MARVELOUS Suspender…which according to authoritative reviews I’ve read, is a benign version. I might add that I downloaded it from the official Chrome Store, and it wouldn’t be there if they didn’t consider it okay.

    Chrome HAD stopped allowing The Great Suspender to be downloaded and had warned everyone near and far that this much-loved and seamless extension had become malware. The original dev turned it over to some doofus who either MALEVOLENTLY or STUPIDLY allowed it to be corrupted.

    Despite language about “we” in your typo-ridden site, it’s obvious you’re a one-man-band posting superficial hype. Hire experts or fold your tent.

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