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The Power of Art: How Can It Influence Your Mood?

The Power of Art How Can It Influence Your Mood

The Power of Art: How Can It Influence Your Mood? There is always one thing in our lives that gives us immense pleasure and joy. For some people, it’s painting and relishing the beauty in art.

Do you ever notice that your fingertips automatically roll on the canvas every time you see a wonderful artwork? Yes, these are the things that are just felt and never come to notice. Yet, whenever you are in a room full of creative realms, there will always be smiles, some surprising reactions, and so much more than positivity.  

That’s why, if you ever think of a paint my life portrait, you will ensure that it is full of colors, elements, and things that describe your best moods. 

So read along the segment to know more about the power of art and how it can influence your mood. 

Instantly Boosts Happiness

Any creative pursuit, be it a painting, artistic piece, wall art, or a decorative utensil for your home, it carries the potential to evoke happiness and positivity instantly. Art can transform our lives in many ways. 

Continuously practicing art allows us to look deeper into our inner selves. It is a medium for our thoughts, perceptions, feelings, and experiences. Every new artwork introduces us to a roller coaster emotional ride and leads us to the roads of happiness.

If life was a painting, then my life painting surely would have resonated with so much happiness in all its dimensions. It could have been a doodle, a painting full of flowers, or an artwork similar to my life journey. 

Art Reduces Stress

Everything around you affects your mood. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) directly relates to the environment surrounding you. This is why the design of the building and the artwork featured in workspaces, facilities, healthcare, and other living areas become extremely important for stress management. 

Certain experiments have shown artworks’ impact on people’s emotions and moods. In one such experiment, college students participated in an activity and were divided into three major groups. The first group was for individual art activity, the second group consisted of a group art activity, and the third group was designated a non-art activity. 

The feelings of stress were checked before and after the experiment. Concludingly, the results illustrated that people with art activities were found with lowered art levels. At the same time, people with no art activity remained the same. 

It has also been found that patients experience low cortisol levels after engaging in art or associated activities. Cortisol is the stress hormone; it is immediately active in stress or tense conditions. 

Color Psychology

Art is nothing but the gameplay of colors blending into one another. However, every color has its story. Colors play a huge role in enhancing our mood and our thinking. Some colors can instantly light our emotions, while a few can send us into deep thoughts. 

This is when the fascinating world of color psychology comes into play. It is used to influence ideas, thoughts, and the intensity of your feelings. Similarly, the artworks made out of it influence your mood and behavior towards life. 

Consider the color yellow. It is a color associated with sunshine, friendship, and liveliness. Paintings done with yellow shades are more likely to make you feel happy. Maybe that’s the reason why you love sunsets or sunrises. Moving on to the color pink. 

Pink is a cheerful color with different vibes. It can evoke feelings of optimism, compassion, and love. Light pink takes you to a subtle world of calmness, whereas bold pink reflects a powerful attitude. 

Blue, Green, And Red

Blue is an intellectual color that has the potential to provide calming reactions to our brains. Whether it’s the endless skies painted with light blue or the intense oceans in the shades of dark blue, each will hit you in a whale of emotions. However, it is a color that is comparatively more serene than the others. 

The next important color in the wheel of colors is divine green. It is a color that brings peace of mind, fruitfulness, and rejuvenation. Being the color of nature, it speaks nothing more than positivity. Any painting with shades of green can light up any ambiance. It is one reason why lush landscapes are people’s choice in decorating walls. 

This powerful color can hit in different directions. Be it love or anger, the color red has the power to amplify any emotion to a great extent. Often regarded as the color of valentines, it can paint your life with love. Canvas with redroses is sometimes the best gift to make your partner happy. But, it can turn the tables around if you are angry.

Paintings are just colors in shapes. Hence, color psychology has a deep meaning when it comes to effect. It can alter your moods from happy to sad, energetic to calm, or high to low. 

The Bottom Line

My painted life will blend all such colors and speak for all the emotions that I can feel. Keeping in mind the fundamental role of art in changing moods, I will want to paint my life portrait in the best possible way. No compromise in colors, ideas, thoughts, and emotions. It will be real in all dimensions and stand out as an individual story.

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