The Real World Map Upside Down {April} An Assumption!

The Real World Map Upside Down 2021

The Real World Map Upside Down {April} An Assumption!>> This article shares important information about mapping and its history.

You might have seen maps for finding any destination. You have been taught in your school regarding atlas and mapping patterns. What was the crux of it? We have been taught that the North is on the upside in a world map, and the South is on the downside. But, do you know the exact reason behind it. Have you ever questioned that why only North? 

The conventional mapping has the northern hemisphere on the upside and the southern hemisphere on the downside. But many scholars from the United States claim that The Real World Map Upside DownSo, what is the reason behind this statement? 

Why is Map learning important? 

Learning how to map, is the basic skill that is required for survival. It becomes more important for a navigator, an officer, and from a student to an organization who wants to plan for development in the region. 

What were different opinions about mapping on the top?

The Real World Map Upside Down is a recent question, but history speaks something different about the mapping patterns. Since human history is long, we have never seen north on the upper side. It since few hundred years ago which specifies North at the upper side. According to Jerry Bretton, People scarcely put North on the top considering that North is from where the dark comes from. Similarly, West was also unlikely to put on top because it is where the sunsets. 

In ancient times Egyptians put the East on the top side, claiming the sunrise in the east. Chinese put the North on the topside representing their superiority. Christian map put East on the top inclining to Garden of Edens and Jerusalem at the center. In Islamic maps, they favored the South on the top, supporting the early Muslim culture from the South. 

The Real World Map Upside Down asks an important question as to what was the deciding factor of North at the top.

Why North became the topmost point on the Map?

According to some historians, Mercator, a European Cartographer, made a North at the top. This Map became the deciding factor. In the 12th century, the compass for navigation was used showing North on the top, and this remained a universal truth till date, and we adopted a map with North as the topmost position. 

In the 15th century, Europeans emerged as the Map making position, and they followed the compass pattern by posing themselves at the top, and thus, Mercator’s Map became prominent. The Real World Map Upside Down became a recent research point asking why the North is at the top, especially in the United States; people started asking why not South is at the top. 

Final Verdict: 

Mapping is a basic skill that everyone is taught since the beginning. We need to know the history of mapping so that the modern approach of asking the South to be at the top can be properly justified without any confusion. 

Many scholars had this stake that The Real World Map Upside Downso after learning about its history, we can find that it is not important to put North at the top, as in ancient history, we had different positions at the top. However, comparing it with a compass, it is easier to have North at the top.

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