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The Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog {Feb} About Maya Dog!

The Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog {Feb} About Maya Dog! >> Are you searching for the famous Polar Bear getting treated in China? Click here to know about.

Are you looking for the most adorable dog on the internet? Or ‘Are you just curious about the funny dog video of The Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog that you found few days back?’ Well, yes you are right we are here going to talk about Maya-The Polar Bear Dog.  

This dog is gaining popularity day-by-day, especially after his hair cutting video goes viral on the internet. Maya The Samoyed is more famous in the United States, and now the dog has more than millions of followers on social media handles. Let’s see what made it so renowned worldwide. 

Who is Maya The Samoyed Dog?

Maya is one of the world’s most famous dogs, and it has its strong charm in the United States. Apart from that, The Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog is of Samoyed breed which makes it look like a mini polar bear. It has a verified social media handle with more than millions of follower, especially on Instagram, it is also famous on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok under the username – mayapolarbear

The dog is lovingly called Bei Bei and is now 11 years old, the owner has been continuously sharing its pictures and cute videos over internet platforms to make people desire it even more. But what exactly made us notice the dog and why it is gaining so much popularity over social networking sites. 

What made The Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog Famous?

If you are still not aware of the reason, you must know that the dog was already famous because of the exciting and cute videos. Apart from that recently on 15th of Jan 2021, a video went viral over the internet, and it belongs to Maya. You can see it looking like a substantial Polar Bear who is getting a nice hair cream in China. 

The dogs seem very attractive and well-mannered in the video, and the vast hairs make it look like a polar bear. This is precisely why people were so captivated by the video, and there were over millions of views, and heart reacts overnight. 

The Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog- Public Reaction!!

As we have already informed, the dog already had popularity, but now it is a huge social media sensation. It also comes in the list of most famous dogs worldwide, and that shows how people would have been so connected to the Maya. 

People worldwide must be very fond of the dog and are attracted towards each of its video and pictures. People are especially attracted to Maya’s exciting looks as it seems like a substantial polar bear that is well-mannered and disciplined. 

Final Verdict

All said and done, The Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog is turning out to be the most adorable dog on the internet, and if you are a fan, you must continue to be one as it is going to top the list of most famous dogs very soon. 

If you want to share something about Maya, please feel free to write it down in the comment section. 

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