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Thermofit Advanced Tracker Reviews (June) Is it Legit?

Thermofit Advanced Tracker Reviews

In this article, we inform you about a fitness tracker that might change your life for good!

You are wondering how to fit into those gorgeous outfits kept in your wardrobe? Well, and then bring your fitness tracker home before it’s too late! 

Getting toned abs or weight loss is never anyone’s cup of tea (of course without sugar), but we can achieve with sound equipment that measures our hardcore exercise and keeps us motivated. You might have noticed how easily we lose faith in hard work after a few days of exercise, but a tracker could inspire us daily by updating our robust grind results. 

Thermofit Advanced Tracker is one of the best fitness trackers available in the United States–based Living Better Tech. So fitting into that perfect dress might just come true with this sufficiently advanced tracker with several mesmerizing features. 

The product has many claims which we are going to mention here, but how far are those claims valid, or should you purchase this tracker from Loving Better Tech or not? Just relax and read our well researched Thermofit Advanced Tracker Reviews to know the answers to all your product related queries. 

What is Thermofit Advanced Tracker? 

Thermofit Advanced Tracker is the latest fitness tracker sold by various websites at different ranges. It is easy to count steps, but how many products or applications monitor your heartbeat, body temperature, blood pressure, etc. Yes, that’s precisely how helpful Thermofit Advanced Tracker could be for any of us.

This tracker does not only inherit the functionality of top-notch trackers but also have the advanced monitoring technology to allure fitness freaks towards the product. It does not only keep you motivated and fit but also creates a secure lifestyle that will keep you disease-free for just $49.99. 

But should we purchase a thermofit advanced tracker? Let’s find your answer here in the Thermofit Advanced Tracker Reviews. 

Features of Thermofit Advanced Tracker 

  • It has an Ultra-bright color display that stays on for 12 hours.
  • It can measure body temperature and heartbeat.
  • It can monitor body oxygen levels and blood pressure.
  • It has an electrocardiogram function to detect irregular heartbeats.
  • It helps in tracking the burning calories while exercising. 
  • It tracks sleep patterns, steps, and distance. 
  • It has mobile-related features like alarms, messages, calls, dates, etc. 
  • It has long battery life and fast setup.
  • It is compatible with both android and ios. 
  • It has a 4.0+ Bluetooth connection and is waterproof.

Pros of Thermofit Advanced Tracker
  • It would keep you motivated.

  • It will provide ground-level data on your health.

  • It will provide a mirror image for your active periods.

  • It will help in tracking the progress daily.

Cons of Thermofit Advanced Tracker
  • It may not necessarily be accurate enough.

  • It might show incorrect measurements and recommendations.

  • It might not align with your goals.

  • It may not be delightful to charge and maintain it daily.

How does Thermofit Advanced Tracker Works? 

It has always been suspicious of how a fitness tracker sitting idle at your wrist can measure your heartbeat, blood pressure, steps, and oxygen level? But in this Thermofit Advanced Tracker Reviews, we will inform you that these data of trackers are authentic or not, or how exactly does the tracker work? 

These trackers measure your body’s motion with the help of sensors such as a gyroscope or a 3-axis accelerometer. Apart from these sensors, it also has an altimeter that measures your altitude while exercising. These sensors then measure the frequency, duration as well as the pattern of the movement and later convert them into the fitness data. 

How much does Thermofit Advanced Tracker Cost?

You will find the product at $100 on the internet, but as Living better tech has a 50% discount offer, you can purchase it for just $49.99. You can also purchase multiple trackers from the website to avail exciting offers. 

Is Thermofit Advanced Tracker Useful? 

The product seems very affordable and useful, as we have already mentioned in our Thermofit Advanced Tracker Reviews, and the product is available on various online stores. But when we talk about the legitimacy of this product available in ‘Living Better Tech,’ then it is not legit. Living BetterTech is a potentially Scam site with a domain that is just 62 days old.

You should never purchase from such a brand new website as it could be a fraud. You can find the same product on other websites, so feel free to explore. 

To help our readers, we have reviewed a few more products for you. One of the reliable companies is Fitbit, which offers Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch that consists of built-in Alexa, Swim Tracking, heart rate tracking, etc. It is one of the Best Fitness Tracker 2020.

One of its variant is Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker. It is currently available at an exclusive offer

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is another fitness tracker watch available on that helps to monitor health and keeps you fit.

What are people saying about Thermofit Advanced Tracker? 

While searching for customer feedback, we stumbled upon several satisfied customer comments, which shows the goodwill of the product. But some of the comments were unsatisfied due to regular charging and unrealistic data. Thus, we can say that people have mixed feelings for Thermofit Advanced Tracker. 

On the other hand, we have credible Amazon products that qualify as the Best Fitness Tracker 2020. These products include Fitbit Inspire HR available in Lilac color.

Final Verdict

All said and done, we have highlighted each aspect of the product and also mention the legitimacy of the website in our Thermofit Advanced Tracker Reviews, now it is entirely your choice to purchase the product or not. The only advice we have for you is that, do not purchase a thermofit advance tracker from Living BETTER tech as it is a new website.

You can purchase the product from other legit websites with clear policies and old domain. In case you have already purchased from this website, feel free to comment on your experience to help others. 

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  1. Absolute fraud! Bought one. Received it. It would not even charge and absolutely no customer service. Emails from tech support were a joke. This is a scam.

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