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Thomson Broadbent Review {March 2021} Read For Details!

Thomson Broadbent Review {March 2021} Read For Details!  >> This article gives you facts about a company deals with compensation & what people think of it.

Are you here to find the Thomson Broadbent Reviews? That’s why you landed on this page, right? We will not disappoint you as in this article, we will tell you about the Thomson Broadbent Company and what people think of their services. 

Thomson Broadbent is a regulated property compensation company registered in the United Kingdom. We will tell you about the claims and services that the company offers to its customers are upto the expectations or not, and is the site legit? We will notify you in this article.

What is Thomson Broadbent?

Thomson Broadbent is an R.I.C.S (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) Regulated Property Compensation Company. Thomson Broadbent Reviews tells that they are specialised in negotiating the claims on behalf of the homeowners if your property’s value is affected by government projects like the construction of roads, rail lines, and electricity lines

The company was established in 1996; they have negotiated over 90,000 land compensation on behalf of the real owners. The company offer services if any of the things like high voltage or low electrical powerhouse lands constructed on your property or any road or rail line built on the part of your property. 

How to apply to Thomson Broadbent?

You need to follow these steps to apply your application form mentioned in the Thomson Broadbent Reviews

  • Select the service you want to take, like High voltage or low voltage construction, towers, road, rail, and airport construction. 
  • After that, there will be an eligibility check. If you receive a letter from the company, then you can skip it.
  • Then enter your personal details along with the property’s information.
  • If your property is eligible, you can apply online, and the application will be sent to the company.
  • After the application is sent to the company, then they will contact you regarding the claim.

There are some cases in which Thomson Broadbent couldn’t negotiate, like if the person is the tenant and not the actual owner or if there is any disturbance in the area like pollution

Thomson Broadbent Reviews 

When we check the company’s reviews, we found out that the reviews given on their official site are all positive; and reviews available on some other portals also covey that  people like their services. The site’s domain age is 21 years old, and the trust score is 80%, which proves that the site is popular among the people. 

The company tried their best to get the best compensation price for their customer, and the responses of the customers are also very positive. Keeping everything into consideration, we can say that the company is genuine and helps people get an adequate amount of compensation for their property. 


With all the information gathered on Thomson Broadbent Reviews, we conclude that it is the right choice if you want a fair amount as compensation for your property. They simply charge 10% of the compensation amount that too post getting the compensation. The United Kingdom-based company is famous among the customers, and the reviews given on the official site are all seems to be promising. 

Have you ever contacted Thomson Broadbent for compensation? If yes, then share your experience with us in the below comment section. 

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