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Thumrest Reviews (February 2021) Is it a Legit Deal?


Thumrest Reviews (February 2021) Is it a Legit Deal? >>See the information before dealing with this handbag selling platform!

Do you want to buy trending and luxurious bags and accessories? Before moving ahead to buy, check for Thumrest Reviews.

Based in the United Statesthe online handbags selling platform has unveiled a massive collection of bags and accessories for women.

Before dealing with Thumrest, you must check if it is a trustworthy platform to make your purchase safe.

Many readers want to know if Thumrest is a genuine online handbag selling platform or not. Also, they want to check if the products sold over the platform are authentic or not.

This online platform has displayed various expensive handbags and accessories; it would help if you saw its information before purchasing them.

We are providing you with the information you would like to know before dealing with Thumrest.

What is Thumrest?

Thumrest is an online platform located in the United States. It deals with a massive collection of expensive and luxurious handbags for women

However, you must see Thumrest Reviews before dealing with this online platform, as many new and fraudulent websites are emerging very often.

It is a recently launched online platform and claims to provide its customers with the best quality handbags and accessories.

It also provides a two-year repair policy on its products. To reduce waste, Thumrest uses all material inside its handbags.

It claims that the leather used in crafting the handbags will improve with time, making them more luxurious and useful.

You can clean their leather bags with the cleaners specialized for leathers or take them to trustworthy shoemakers.

Specifications Of Thumrest:

The best way to know about this website is to check Thumrest Reviews.

  • Website URL: https://www.thumrest.comWebsite Type: Online platform for handbags and accessories
  • Contact Number: (209) 518 0917
  • E-mail ID:
  • Address: Donald Mathews, 5818, Peralta Meadow CT, Marina, California, 93933, U.S.A
  • Shipping Time: 3 to 5 business days
  • Return and Exchange Policy: Available within 30 days of purchase

Pros Of Thumrest:

  • Many types of handbags and accessories available.
  • Best quality and luxurious quality products.
  • A two-year repair policy is offered on its products

Cons of Thumrest:

  • The handbags available are not durable.
  • The material used is not the best quality.
  • Its colors go off with time.

Is Thumrest Legit?

Before trusting on this handbags and accessories selling platform, please go through Thumrest Reviews.

Thumrest is an online platform that deals with handbags and accessories for women. It claims to provide its customers with the best quality handbags and accessories.

The domain of Thumrest is only 155 days old and was created on September 2, 2020. 

There is no social media appearance of Thumrest on any online platforms. Also, there is no information on any online platform. 

The address of its store provided over its website cannot be located over the map. The price of its products is also very high.

Without checking the complete information, you can get trapped and will result in losing your money.

Hence we concluded that it is not a legit platform.

Thumrest Reviews:

Thumrest, an online platform that deals with selling various handbags and accessories, has no customer reviews.

It is a recently launched online platform that is yet to gain its customers’ trust as there are no views available to its customers.

It claims to provide the best quality products, made of the finest and quality materials. It also claims to use complete materials to reduce waste.

Thumrest also claims that the leather used for its handbags will improve with time and age. You will also get a two-year repair guarantee on its products.

However, we cannot advise you to deal with this website due to the lack of information and customers’ reviews.

You can check for Thumrest Reviews yourself.

Final Verdict:

Thumrest is an online platform that sells a massive variety of handbags and accessories for women.

It claims to use the real calf hair for its hair-on bags. Some of its handbags are made of undyed leather, which has a natural texture and beauty. 

The leathers’ colors fade when exposed to handling and sunlight, and the leather darkens with age.

It also gives a two-year guarantee of repair of the handbags, except for the cosmetic defects. It also provides returns within 60 days of purchase.

However, after checking the complete information about Thumrest, we could not find or conclude it as a trustworthy online platform.

Hence, you must see Thumrest Reviews before purchasing items through its website.

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