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Read exclusive reviews of Tiket WWW Ancol Com, a website providing reservations for picnics, hotels, resorts, and restaurants.

Are you planning a vacation in Indonesia? Are you looking for the best places for outdoor activities in Jakarta? Or, after a busy schedule at work, do you want to enjoy your weekend at a picnic spot? While you plan outdoor activities, do you want to receive exclusive discounts? 

Are you considering taking a bundled package deal from a single travel service provider? Then, we recommend you check reviews of Tiket WWW Ancol Com.

The legitimacy of is a reputed site registered in Jakarta for a long time, from 5th January 1999. It is a twenty-three years, seven months and twelve days old website. It was last updated on 22nd November 2019. Ancol has a long life expectancy as it expires after five years, four months and eighteen days on 5th January 2028.

Ancol is also referred to as Jakarta, and is an official website with an excellent trust index of 96%, an excellent business ranking of 100%, a great Alexa ranking of 161,142, and a low suspicion score of 11%. Hence, is a legitimate website.

About Tiket: is a commercial website providing travel and tourism services in Indonesia. It provides services for corporates and individuals by selling tickets for shows, events, vehicle rentals, entertainment activities, hotel and resort reservations, restaurant reservations, Etc. offers exclusive discounts of more than 25% on annual passes and regular tickets for:

  • Fantasy world,
  • Sea World Ancol,
  • Ocean Dream Ocean,
  • Atlantis Water Adventure, and
  • Ancol Entrance Ticket.

It also provides regular tickets only for:

  • Augustine Phinisi,
  • Faunaland, and
  • Ancol Gondola.

Several user reviews rated above 4/5 stars. However, the reviews were based on ticketing for specific locations and services. Likewise, several YouTube videos also provided positive feedback regarding Tiket WWW Ancol Com based on a particular picnic spot.

Features of uses an HTTPS connection to transmit data. Its IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 162 days. Ancol did not include information on terms of service and privacy policy. Additionally, it did not mention its aim and mission statement.

The Government of Jakarta owns 72% stake in, 18% by PT Pembangunan Jaya, and 10% is public float. included a help section on its website; however, the details of the ‘contact us’ page are accessible.

Ancol is also available as an android and iOS app. Tiket WWW Ancol Com app supports special offers such as free drinking packages, recreation tickets, extra discounts, and cheaper packages for four on ordering via the Ancol app.


Ancol app and website reviews conclude that is a legitimate ticketing service provider. gained an excellent trust score, business rank, a good Alexa score, and a low suspicion score. The Government of Jakarta owns it. achieved positive customer reviews and ratings. It provides genuine services for travel and tourism in Indonesia.

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