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Tiktokneed Com (Sep 2020) What is this Site all About?

Tiktokneed Com (Sep 2020) What is this Site all About? >> In this article, you explored a website that claims to generate free followers on Tiktok!

Many people worldwide use the Tiktok application and search to generate quick, easy, and free services. Recently, a website Tiktokneed.com claimed to provide the users of Tiktok with up to 50,000 new followers for free through their website.

However, the United States-based website is a scam trending over the internet, attracting many enthusiasts of the Tiktok application worldwide. This article will provide you with the complete details of a website that claims to generate your followers on Tiktok for free.

Is Tiktokneed.com safe?

The widely trending website on the internet is Tiktokneed.comwhich has become the widely discussed and attractive option for the users of Tiktok. With its location in the United States, the website is a scammer’s trick to access the users’ accounts and hack their details.

However, we advise not to believe in such scams that offer to generate followers for free. There are many other ways that you can use to get multiple followers of your Tiktok account

What does Tiktokneed.com claim?

Tiktokneed.com claims to generate free followers through their website. By entering the username, you can select the number of new followers you want to develop for free. The free followers offered can be claimed in a range from 1,000 to 50,000. 

However, the developers of Tiktok forbid its users from using any method that are illegal. There are many techniques available on the internet to get new followers. Using those techniques are safe to use and will keep your account protected.

How to use Tiktokneed.com?

People who are willing to use the service of Tiktokneed.com are advised to use a new account to check if the claim to generate new followers works. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to use the followers’ generator service:

  • Use iOS or Android device
  • Open the page https://tiktokneed.com
  • Fill in the user name in the box provided on the website
  • Select the number of followers you need for free
  • Select the device used
  • Press on the generate button
  • Wait for the outcome

However, we would recommend not using such services that steal your personal details and end up with hacking your account.


It is essential to increase your followers on Tiktok to get popularity. Many users who tried to generate new users for free from Tiktokneed.com got trapped. The users’ accounts got hacked. Many users complain that they have no more access to their account after using the follower’s generator services for this –based website.

Besides, the website does not have any support service to get in touch with them. Hence, we highly recommend avoiding the use of free followers’ generator service.

Final Verdict:

Tiktokneed.com claims to provide free followers to its users. The new followers that can be generated from the website can be from 1000 to 50,000. People who use the followers’ generator service are advised to use a new account to check the claim’s authenticity.However, we recommend staying away from such scam websites.

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