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Read this write-up to be apprised of Tim Bergling Net Worth and his life, who was a talented disc jockey and songwriter and is no longer with us.

There is no dearth of talented artists amongst us, most of who start pursuing their passion from a young age. The sad fact is that, at times, some of them leave us due to untimely departures and create a void in the connected sphere. 

In today’s article, we have talked about Tim Bergling Net Worth, a late musician who had achieved success right from his teenage. People Worldwide are keen to know about his valuation and the reason for his death. 

Who was Tim Bergling?

Tim Bergling was a musician and disc jockey. He was also known for writing songs and remixing. He was born to Klas Bergling and Anki Catarina Liden, who stayed in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. When Tim Bergling was only eight years old, he began showing interest in remixing songs at his home. Soon, he joined other remix communities and started launching his records. His success led to the valuation of Tim Bergling Net Worth when he left this world.  

Some of the early works that Tim Bergling created include Sound of Now and Even. He constantly produced upbeat numbers, and many renowned singers collaborated with his albums like True and Stories. 

Physical Disorders

Unfortunately, Tim Bergling was not keeping well with his physical conditions and had to be treated for acute pancreatitis in 2012. He suffered from this disease due to the extreme consumption of alcohol. Two years later, his gall bladder and appendix were operated on. As he struggled with his mental and physical conditions, he announced retirement from going live in 2016. All these situations affected Tim Bergling Net Worth.

The Shocking Demise

Tim Bergling left for his heavenly abode on 20 April 2018 in Oman. At that time, the reason for his death was not found. However, a day later, the police investigations mentioned that the incident was not connected with any crime, and he had committed suicide by injuring himself with a glass bottle. 

Around a week after Tim Bergling’s death, his family members wrote a public letter, mentioning that Tim was in the quest for happiness and peace, which he could not find in his profession. He was getting too much attention from the industry with which he could not cope up. 

Tim Bergling Net Worth

Although Tim Bergling died at the young age of 28, he had still earned much due to the successful hits that he produced one after another. As per sources on the Internet, his net worth is assumed to be $50 million when he expired. As he was not married and had no other dependent, the income shall transfer to his parents. 


Tim Bergling worked with many popular stars and contributed numerous musical works to the industry. However, he could not take much care of his emotional well-being and thus succumbed to his thoughts. Nonetheless, Tim Bergling’s albums shall forever be remembered by his fans Worldwide, which added to Tim Bergling Net Worth.

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