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Timepiece Gentleman Scam (July) Unveiling The Truth!

Timepiece Gentleman Scam (July) Unveiling The Truth! >> The guide shares exclusive details of the new $2000 scam that is circulating online and we will unveil the truth here.

A YouTube Group and discussion forum consider Timepiece Gentlemen a scam after the official website, and social media page are not functional. They claim that the store collected $2000 in cash from hundreds of collectors in the United Kingdom and the United States and promised to offer Rolex watches at wholesale rates.  

Since the store’s SquareSpace site and Instagram page are down along with the Dallas office, people consider it a scam. But, the store seems to have lots of watches in stock and money. So, let us find out what is Timepiece Gentleman Scam all about.  

About Timepiece Gentleman

Timepiece Gentleman is the renowned store for watches. It is situated in the Crescent with the physical store address, CT #65, Dallas, TX 75201, USA. The store has both the facilities of in-store pick-up and in-store shopping, and it has a large customer base across the world. 

Timepiece Gentleman is the trusted dealer of Rolex watches, and recently, the store is in the news after its store website, and social media page were down. Marco Nocolini and Anthony Farrer are the owners of the store. They teamed up to create a working business model that you see today. 

What is Timepiece Gentleman Scam?

Recently, a social media and discussion forum group considered storing a scam after their official website, and the Instagram page were down. 

The Squarespace website of the store is currently down, and their Instagram page is not working. Besides, the Dallas office is also closed, and their gilt logo on the front door has also been scratched, creating suspicion in consumer’s minds. 

The store recently collected over $2000 from different collectors to provide them Rolex watches at wholesale rate. Since their official website, store and social media page are not working after collecting the money, consumers consider it a scam. So, this is what Timepiece Gentleman Scam all about.

Is Timepiece Gentleman Real or a Scam?

The store’s Dallas office, website and social media page are not functional, but this doesn’t confirm that it is a scam. 

Many consumers took the social media and discussion forums to discuss the matter, and none of them have confirmed that they looted the customers. However, consumers who supported the group and said they are a renowned company with a clean track record and doing such a Timepiece Gentleman Scam seems quite awkward.      

Presently, we also don’t have any update on whether or not the group conducted a scam and looted $2000 cash from consumers. Readers have to wait until any confirmation is published online. Till then, consumers must check the comments and discussions online. 


Timepiece Gentleman is the renowned store in Dallas with thousands of satisfied customer bases worldwide. However, due to some unknown reasons, the SquareSpace website of the store is down, and the Instagram page is also not working, creating suspicion in buyer’s minds as they have recently collected $2000 in cash from collectors and promised to offer Rolex watches at affordable prices. 

Since the website and social media pages are unresponsive, people are considering it a Timepiece Gentleman Scam. But, there is no official confirmation that it is a scam. So, the consumers are requested to stay alert and learn the methods to avoid online scams. 

What is your opinion regarding such comments and scams? Please share it in the comments section.

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