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Tithe Wordle {July 2022} Know About This Puzzle Word!

The below article will help readers in the puzzle-solving regime of Tithe Wordle, and help in understanding whether this is a meaningful word.

Wordle- A word guessing game that every person is fond of. Isn’t it? No person can deny its fondness in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, the United States, and India. Right?

Every morning people start searching for wordle hints and start guessing the exact answer they could. This craze is insane among all the age tiers. However, recently people have been keen to know about Tithe Wordle.

What Is Wordle Tithe?

The tithe is a word that has many historical and contemporary meanings. It defines many meanings in a lot of different ways. Worldle has used this as a word and a hint. People are searching for its literal meaning. Let’s see what it could be.  

The tithe is an Old English word with the meaning of a number, ten. Generally, in ancient English, people used this word as currency exchange, and they depicted it as an income part. For instance, it indicates your income’s one-tenth part. 

Tithe Definition-

As discussed earlier, the word tithe means one-tenth of one’s income. But we need to explore the complete definition to understand its full meaning. The tithe was a tax in the early centuries in which a person should have to give 10% of their total income to the church as tax. This was mandatory, and people had to follow it as the clergy class-bound the other classes to collect and give this amount. 

This word is also mentioned in the Hebrew language and has the same meaning, 10 that depicts a number. Is a Tithe Word? Yes. Many Christians and Jews consider this tax a religious belief that must be fulfilled for God’s sake and happiness. It is a cultural custom for people to pass on to generations. Also, some people have given the Bible context that God loves those who create the amount out of their wealth for him. 

In the ancient period, the tithe was obligatory and could be paid in the form of crops, money, craft work, etc., and especially needed to be paid to the church. Whereas, in contemporary beliefs, this is an amount that is paid voluntarily in the name of God. 

What Is Tithe Wordle?

Tithe can be used as both clues and answers by wordle in future. Therefore, it is important to understand its root meaning and usage. Also, there can be a puzzle in which wordle can ask for words that primarily start with T, I, T, H, E. 

Many clue solvers around the world are claiming that this word has been asked by the wordle, whereas many are still waiting to use and solve it. Synonyms of Tithe are Fee, tribute, charge, excise, contribution, duty, toll, impost, tariff, assessment, and many more. These synonyms will help you to find other words as well.


Tithe Wordle is a potential word clue and a potential answer to the Question of wordle. Many people enjoy this game, and no age barrier has been there for their love of this game. As a result, people promote and join to play this game.

Enjoy this game and take help through the clues and shoot your shot. There are limited attempts for the same. If you want to know more about this word, click here.

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