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Token Rainbow Teleport (Sep) About Treasure Hunter Reward

The guide shares details about the Token Rainbow Teleport and the methods to earn the token.    

Rainbow Teleport is the famous teleport animation override game on the Rune Scape platform. It is a fantasy multiplayer online role-playing game, and the Rainbow Teleport override is unlocked using the teleport token. 

Players must play the Treasure Hunter series to win the teleport token during the Rainbow’s End promotion. Treasure Hunter is the daily quest or activity where players need to use the designated keys to unlock the chests and win the teleport tokens. 

Players in the United States widely play this override game and keep winning the Token Rainbow Teleport by completing the daily quest in Treasure Hunter.     

What is Rainbow Teleport Token?

Rainbow Teleport Token rewards players can earn by completing the daily quest in the Treasure Hunter of Rainbow’s End series. The teleport tokens are mainly used to unlock the Rainbow Teleport override. 

Players in the United States also purchase the token from the Grand Exchange or get it by trading with other players in the game. No matter how you obtain the token, the primary role of the token is to unlock the teleport animation override. 

How to Earn Token Rainbow Teleport?

As mentioned, there are many ways to earn the token in the game. However, the most common way to obtain the token is by participating in the Treasure Hunter of the Rainbow’s End. 

  • Players are required to complete the daily activities and quests in the Treasure Hunter to win the tokens. During the promotion, the multiplier is in effect, and it heightens the rewards from the Treasure Hunter. So, you can maximize your rewards in the game and win more tokens. 
  • Players can also purchase the Token Rainbow Teleport from the Grand Exchange. It is a trading system for gamers where they can sell and buy all the trade-able items of the game. Registered members get eight exchange slots to trade items, and free members are restricted to three exchanges. 
  • The last option is to trade with other players on the platform to obtain the teleport token. So, players can deal with other players and get as many tokens as they want.

What is Rainbow’s End?

If you love playing the RS3 game, you probably know what Rainbow’s End means. For those unfamiliar, it is the Treasure Hunter promotion in the game that was commenced in Nov 2016. It helps get rewards like Token Rainbow Teleport

It is the famous promotion event where the multiplier is in effect to heighten the players’ rewards in the Treasure Hunter. The multiplier is re-shuffled in every opened chest, and it starts with one reward option. The cap is increased by one to the maximum of seven by claiming the multiplier unlock available on Treasure Hunter. 


Rune Scape is a famous game with different activities and daily quests. Players are attracted to this animation override game because of the rewards. So, play the game and complete the quest to earn the Token Rainbow Teleport. You can exchange the tokens for other premium items in the game or trade them for money. 

Do you play the game? How many tokens have you earned? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section?

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