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Tokyo Revengers Makoto (Sep) Know More About Characters!

Want to know about the fictional character, Tokyo Revengers Makoto? Read the content and capture the details before streaming. Hurry up.

Are you fond of watching the Japanese manga series named Tokyo Revengers? Do you want to know about the character showing its appearance in the first episode of the series? Then, have your focus on today’s article that shares the details of the Suzuki Makoto.

Worldwide the popular anime series has grabbed the attention of viewers. The people enjoy viewing exciting plots and fantastic fictional characters. However, Tokyo Revengers, being serialized in the magazines since March 2017, was available on television on April 2021. 

So, let’s explore the details of Tokyo Revengers Makoto and know about this manga series!

What is Tokyo Revengers?

The launch of the anime series Tokyo Revengers in 2021 has taken the audience’s attention. Like the Erased, it tells the tale of a young man who struggles to save his near and dear ones by manipulating the world’s timeline. 

The danger of living in the delinquent world and the mysterious time travel work together to create a story of brotherhood and loyalty. It is the plot of a typical young person who travels back to save his love of life from future doom.

Who is Tokyo Revengers Makoto?

Popularly known as Makoto Suzuki is the male character who has shown its appearance in the first episode of the Tokyo Revengers. He was a student at Mizo Middle School and one of the Five Dirty Gang members formed by Mizo. 

The appearance of this character in the series can be viewed as a normal kid wearing black baggy styled pants, and white shirt, moccasins. Shunsuke Takeuchi has given his voice to the character in the series.

Moreover, as the story proceeds further, the audience will get a chance to see the action scenes of Tokyo Revengers Makoto, where he fights with Atsushi Takuya, the Kiyomasa gang and many more. Are you excited to stream this Japanese Manga Series? Well, before streaming, let’s explore some more information about the character.

Specifications of Makoto

  • Romanized name of the character – Suzuki Makoto
  • Gender – Male
  • Occupation – a college-going student in the past and gang member in the present
  • French name – Makoto Suzuki
  • First appearance – the character is appeared in chapter 1 that too, in the first episode.
  • Birthday – 29 December 1991
  • Age – the past age of the character is 14 years, whereas the present age is 26 to 27 years.
  • Tokyo Revengers Makoto voiced by – Shunsuke Takeuchi
  • Blood group – B
  • Weight – 64 kg

But, what does the personality of Makoto reflects?

He is a horny person who loves to read erotic books and watch DVD. Like all his other friends, he is not good at fighting. The only trait that can be counted as a skill is the specialization in the wrestling move, octopus hold. However, he is a loyal and friendly-natured person.


By sharing the details of Tokyo Revengers Makoto, we analyzed that the plot revolves around Makoto’s past and present actions. It is one of the fascinating stories that no anime lover can ever afford to miss. To know more about the other characters of the Tokyo Revengers, check the image gallery.

Which other anime series have you watched earlier? Comment and share with us.

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